#UrbanChennai Bloggers Meet

Team echoVME had organized their first ever bloggers meet in The Beverly Hotel, Kilpauk on 11/7/15. The invite was through prior registration after which they did call up to confirm that we would be reaching the venue not once but twice which showed how much interest they took in organizing this event.

There were around 100 bloggers from Chennai who had gathered to witness something which we had not heard before. The event was sponsored by UrbanTreeHomes(@UrbanTreeHomes) and the official hashtag for the event was #UrbanChennai

Our registration was cross checked in the counter prior to entering the hall. We were also taken some snaps/selfies outside and were handed over a goodie bag. We were segregated into 4 teams after the initial introduction. We were divided into Team Oxygen, Team Wow, Team Infinity and Team Popular to commemorate their our upcoming projects.

Sathya and I got into Team Wow. We took a Selfie prior to the event commenced.


Mr Sorav Jain(@soravjain), Thinker-in-Chief, echoVME(@echoVME) welcomed us prior to commencement of fun activities. He spoke very precisely touching upon all the aspects.


We then had Stand-Up comedy by Mr Shyam Renganathan(@shyamsworld). It was for around 10 minutes but he did a great job in making all of us laugh to the core.


We started with Tambola and there was a tough competition for 2nd row and full house. I must say that I took it lightly and did not claim my full house prize sacrificing it to another blogger. Proof: Sathya Narayanan(@sathtweety) and Sandeep Varma(@sandeepvarma). It was a real fun since couple of them went to claim their prize only to realize that they did strike one of the number incorrectly. Tambola was clubbed with excellent quiz. We got to know great information through this. We were given a sheet which had answers and numbers corresponding to it. So, when the question was read, the answer to it which had the corresponding number had to be strike on the Tambola Ticket.

We got to know about these info via the Tambola.

1) The customer care number of Urban Tree is 044-400 00 300

2) The Slogan of Urban Tree is “Dimensions Unlimited” and that of their Project is Infinite Luxury,Infinite Happiness.

3) Olympia Tech Park was the first Platinum rated building in entire India.

4) The Urban Tree Oxygen project is coming up in Perumbakkam with 628 properties.It has got 10,000 Sq.Ft Commercial Building Space. It is a pre-certified Green Building(Gold Rated)

5) Their project Infinity in Porur was a hit with first time ever in India, soil test was done which was usually done for commercial projects.

In the mean while, there were few twitter contests announced by team echoVME – one for the most active tweep and the other one was a Slogan Contest. Do I need to say that I did win the active tweep contest? 😉

Yes, now we would go back to the main picture. Mr Abhishek Mehta,CEO of Urban Tree Homes took the center stage and he started talking abut his projects. Some of the important aspects he had touched upon has been reproduced below:

Abhishek Gupta

While he manages Finance, Legal and Management, his Brother looks after other things. He did boast of few things which you cannot have seen or heard anywhere else:

Unlike other builders, they do not disappear from the scene and his policy is to give a defect free building at the time of handover. There is a regular customer meet every quarter. He believes in quality and uses paint that has less LEAD which means people who dwell in his construction are least affected by the side affects the LEAD in Paint and other materials cause.

Secondly, none of his projects had been delayed by more than 4 months and he believes in paying when there is a delay.

He also has his own factory which manufactures bricks which is made of fly ash which is highly durable in extreme temperature and he did share about his experience in New Zealand where he came to know that pure water does not conduct electricity as he himself tested it in a pond.

He also spoke about his properties falling under Gold Category of IGBC – Indian Green Building Council which is really good for a property. He also spoke about how he takes greater care in overall structure by deploying Saint Gobain Sun Ban glasses which reduces interior temperature quite considerably and also deploying water re-usage system where in the water is reused again for gardening and flushing.

When he spoke about Oxygen property which would have 1 Lakh Sapling which no other property would have, there was a huge applause. He always believed in quality comes with a price and he never compromises on it.When he finished his speech, there were lot we could take over from the session.

The company’s plan to reach out to bloggers and other social media channels – Facebook, Twitter is a great idea as it creates more knowledge and information on their projects.It also helps them to spread across this info among the users in an effective way.

Then we continued with another fun contest AdZap.

Team 1:

Team 1

Team 2:

Team 2

Team 3:

Team  - Oxygen

You might ask where is our team. How could we take a pic when we were enacting? 😉

So, when the results were announced, we lost to Team 3 – that is Team Oxygen by 1 point. All the winners for all the contests were gratified by Pen Drives and Star Mark Gift Vouchers. Finally it was time for Awards. It was classified into two – Best Blogger ad Best Blogs. My friend Shrinidhi Hande had won one of the Awards for Best Blogger but since he came late, he collected it in person from Mr.Sorav Jain.

Ganga Bharani had won one of the Awards.

Best Blogger - Ganga Bharani

There was another blogger also who had won the award.

Best Blogger

Finally, it was a time for #Groupfie.


We were also served with some awesome in-house snacks which included rolls, samosas, paav bhajjis, carrot halwa, coffee/tea. Over all it was an awesome event and we were promised of more such events in the future and YES, I am looking forward to it eagerly 🙂

Thank You for Team echoVME(Sorav Jain,Malvika, Amrutha and others) and Urban Tree Homes for organizing this meet and making it a real success.



  1. Dear Sarath,

    Thank you for making time to attend the #UrbanChennai Bloggers Meet & Awards. We wish you good luck for all your endeavours!

    Warm Regards,
    Team echoVME

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