Protect your baby’s skin

The skin is the most important constituent in a human body. Each one will have a different characteristics depending on the place they grow, food they eat and various other internal and external factors but when it comes to a baby, it is one and the same irrespective of geographies.

They are soft,supple,delicate and very much vulnerable which needs utmost care and protection. One of the major threat to a baby’s tender skin is the usage of soaps and oils which is a combination of many chemicals which may affect them not immediately but in the long run due to their prolonged use.

Can this be avoided?

Yes.It can be. One has to make sure about the ingredients of these soaps and oils and also to ensure that it is dermatological tested. These can ensure that there are no rashes or skin allergy. We would have been advised or seen the usage of naturally available products being mashed or powdered and put to use. These can also be harmful because we do not know how well they were mixed or powdered.

Which products can ensure goodness of skin and health?

For a kid, Olives are the best option because it does not tend to lead to any allergy and is known for giving the skin the much needed tone and nourishment. Olive is known to be having great features which has essential vitamins that can keep the skin glowing and most importantly it has anti-aging character. What more do you want? It would act as a perfect skin protector for the baby which needs the utmost care. If this is available in the form of oil, it would be even more awesome for external application since we may not give this to the baby for internal consumption.

Similarly, if the olive oil is combined with almonds, it would be a double bonanza because among all the nuts, almonds are proved to be superior and they are also non-allergic and with the presence of various vitamins in it, it helps in the growth of muscles and bone development. It would be really awesome if these both could be combined and this oil would sure to have all the benefits combined which would go a long way towards the nourishment of a baby’s skin. If I find this in an oil and that too being a household name for decades, I would go for it instantly as it is for sure will nourish the baby’s skin for sure….

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