My niece was still interested….

You all have got to see how my niece felt in opening up the Colgate box all by herself to unveil the gift.

Kids do not stop with one.Will they?

At least, I won’t for sure. My niece also did the same. Even though she got the Royal Members, she still wanted to get other freebies that were on offer like Castle and other gifts. Hence mom and I decided that it was high time that we go ahead and give her the second box to capture her emotions and expressions for the second time.

It was my mom who gave her another box asking her to open. This time, she was not surprised like the first time on seeing the box but was excited for another reason – Yes. She wanted to check whether she got lucky this time in getting the castle for the Royal Members to reside in it…She did it faster this time because she had previous experience.

My mom was also excited to see her expressions because first time she did not see it happening but this time, she was watching her from the start. Varshaa unwrapped it and found that it was Royal Members again. Though she was expecting a castle, she was not lucky but she did not show her disappointment but told me that she would not settle until she gets her castle. Guess what, she got her much revered castle some how but I could not capture those moment because it was done in her home.

She came to me happily saying that she has got a perfect set – Castle and Royal Family Members. She even went ahead and told all her friends in her class and I heard from her saying that even her friends had started insisting their parents to get them Colgate for them as well….

You can see more of the  awesomeness by clicking here –


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