My Sister is Special

When I say this, I mean it from the bottom of my heart because not all or at least the majority would never have got a sibling like me. I am glad that I got a chance to explain this is in detail on this Rakshabandhan for my sister.

We both shared a good rapport right from my childhood. Though we use to fight with each other at home, when it came to some one who tried to bully me, my sister always came to fight with him though she was a year and a half younger. I felt that I have a strong support behind me.

We both studied in the same school and go to school together and since we both studied well, all the teachers liked us but there was a problem when I came to 10th standard. I did not study well by then and my biology teacher who happened to be my sister’s class teacher always use to call her and scold me in front of her. My sister felt bad for me and said I must prove myself by scoring better which I did in the Board Exams.

She was also my information highway since she had shared good rapport with the girls of my class and when my close friend was infatuated during that stage, she got information about that girl which I duly shared it with my friend.

While at home, we were two poles – North and South though we never use to cross each other. I guess this was there only for a while till we grew up because there was nothing called jealousy between us an hence nothing could stop us being good siblings. I had given my books to her since she had also taken the same course in her 11th standard.

My Sister had helped me a lot when it came to doing the records especially biology records since she could drew well but I was really bad in it. When I also faced trouble, she was always there – thick and thin and prior to her marriage, she always used to cook some nice food items for me on the weekend since she was also working by then and ensured that I was always happy.

There are many such moments that I had shared with her and if I need to write everything,I would end up writing a novel 🙂

I can say without slightest hesitation that  #MySiblingRocks

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