What my niece felt?

When my niece saw the ad of Colgate offering freebies, she could not resist her temptation. She wanted to check as to what is inside the pack. It kind of remembered my young age because as a kid, even I as so much attracted towards these freebies as e do not seek the value of it but the appearance and its uses(with regards to paying with it). We never had gadgets to capture our expressions in great details those days and even if it was present, we had never used it. This time, I wanted to capture the real expressions of my niece not with one but on to different occasions and make it immortal by uploading it on YouTube.

I went to a departmental store and took couple of Colgate Toothpaste which had this freebie printed on its pack. There were lot of packs available in different sizes with freebie printed on the top but we could not see what is inside. I suppose that is the beauty of it because anything which has this suspense element attached to it would evoke greater interest.

I came home and gave the first pack to her. My niece Varshaa was really surprised that I got what she was dreaming about for a while. While she was not sure what would be there inside, she started unpacking the box. I am sorry that I could not make this video any shorter because as a kid, she took more than required time to unpack the box all by herself. I was totally amazed by the expression she showed in this video. She was extremely happy because she was expecting a castle but she could Royal Member inside. Watch the video which would show in minute detail about her expressions and feelings.

To tell you the truth, she was playing with those pictures for the whole day and thanked me for giving her such a beautiful yet a thoughtful gift. Please watch out for my next blog post where I would be sharing her experience yet again, when she opened the Colgate box for the second time.

You can also have a look at this video which has captured the essence of the kids getting surprised in real.


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