I wish to make my Life Faster with Airtel4G

We always had thought about this “How better it would be if only we had more than 24 hours?”

But in reality we know that the number of available hours cannot be extended at any cost. What are the other options available to us?


Yes. If we could speed up the work, we can execute our tasks much quicker and this would leave us with lot of available time which we could spend it on other activities/work. I am sure you would agree to my idea.

Where do we spend more time? In Computers. Yes. Most of us work in PC/Laptops at Office and at Home. While we enjoy the ultra high speed connection in the office due to VPN/Leased lines, the same may not be the case at home as we all depend on 3G and majority are still hovering with 2G.

When you don’t have a PC which is a rarity these days, we depend majorly on our mobile phone which is mostly Smart Phones these days and life is really miserable when you have to download something with it. Fortunately, I got to see this excellent TVC by India’s Leading Mobile Service Provider AIRTEL

This shows, how fast the information gets accessed including downloading a movie in no time. Man, this is really awesome…


There were days when I got really bored to the core and had wished I could see some nice movie but could not do it due to enormous time it takes to download a movie using even a 3G connection.


I really could not contain my excitement because the world which looked really BIG for me earlier has just seemed SHRUNK!! I can download Songs,Movies for my entertainment and can participate in contests on Twitter where FFF – Fastest Finger First plays a prominent role and also for the contests in FB. I need not have to spend much time taking part in the contests and I can also talk to my friends worldwide with ultra clarity on Skype using my smart phone.


I can even capture my moments live on video rather than just contended with a pic because I can upload it on YouTube in no time. This way, I am planning to make my Channel a Super-Hit by uploading lot of interesting content on it. Life is beautiful is all I can say because I just saw in a local shop that I can go for upgrading to Airtel4G Connection SIM which also acts as a Regular,Micro and Nano SIM. What more can I ask for??

I would still pretend at work place that I still haven’t got the mail on my Outlook but how on earth will they know that I have a 4G-LTE Connection and I got the mail the very same moment it was sent by them?? 😉


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