My Discovery with Delmonte Pasta

We all love Italian Food. When we were asked as to what comes to our mind when it is from Italy, we would immediately answer two major food items – Pizza and Pasta. These have got a very prominent place in our day to day life.

I registered for a free sample and got one sent across in a real quick time by Indiblogger. The packing was really impressive. What was more impressive is the existence of the brand – Delmonte – since 1892.

Pasta Front

I have been using pasta for few years and it gets prime attention while I am preparing for running a Marathon as it gives me much needed power to complete it successfully. The nutrition information was clearly mentioned in the pack and you can view it and decide your level of intake.

Pasta Nutrition

With 24 hours expiry date, you don’t have to rush cooking and finishing the entire content at one go. Now you may ask, how can I re-use it again. There is a solution even for that.

ReClosable Seal

Yes. It has a re-closable safety seal. For those who may not have a chance to stumble upon my blog, there is a recipe for you on the other side of the pack which you can use it to cook yourself.

Pasta Receipe

Now, let us go to my recipes  – of what dishes did I do.

The first one to come was Indian Style Pasta. We call it “Masala Chennai Pasta”


Pasta, Oil, Minced Onion, Mashed Tomatoes, Ginger and Garlic, Salt,Chilli Powder and Coriander Leaves.

You can find the making in elaborate on the video here:


For the benefit of all, I am repeating it as well. Firstly take a vessel. Pour some oil on it. Fry onion on the oil. Then add 1 teaspoon of ginger & garlic paste. Once the mixture turns brownish, add tomato puree to it. Add Salt and Chilli Powder to it. On the other hand, cook 1 cup of Pasta in the hot water  for 9-11 minutes and drain it once cooked. Now add this to the mixture and cook it for 3-4 minutes. Garnish it with coriander leaves. The Indian Style Pasta is ready. This is how it looks 🙂


You may add other items like Vegetables, Non-Veg items like Minced Meat,Cooked Chicken,Prawn and Eggs to make it more tastier. In fact you can even stuff minced mutton inside the pasta which would be more appealing even though time consuming.

We then tried Sweet Pasta. We named it “Mughalai Kheer Pasta”


Pasta,Milk,Ghee,Saffron, Ghee,Sugar,Raisins and Cashew

You can find the making of the sweet pasta in elaborate over here:


Half Boil the pasta in hot water. Drain it. Add it to the boiling milk. Once it is cooked, add sugar. Add Saffron soaked in warm milk to this mixture. On the other hand, fry raisins and cashews on ghee and add it in the end for garnishing. This can be served Chill or Hot.

The final outcome would look like this:


Now time for both to be shown together:


You can also add milkmaid to the sweet pasts to make it yummy!!

These can be cooked in very less time and can be served to people of all ages who needs a change in their routine menu which would pep them up. I am sure you all have liked my experiment which turned out to be really tasty this evening.

This surely is an #ItalianEscapades for me….

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