TV button on your mobile with nexGTv

We all love entertainment and when I say entertainment, the first thing that comes to our mind is television. Ever since its inception, the television has never failed to delight us.

The TV’s journey has been amazing so far! From CRT and black and white pictures, it has travelled through various phases that include Plasma, LCD, LED, Ultra HD (in LED) to name a few. Now we have come to a point where we can watch television on our smartphones. With the introduction of ultra-fast internet like LTE(4G), there are no buffering issues. This has made watching television on our handset a reality with pleasure.

This is where nexGTv comes into picture. If you ask me what is nexGTv, I would instantly say “Next Generation TV” as it has PERSONALIZED watching television. What could be more apt to describe it? It keeps us entertained 24/7 helping us to beat the boredom. Having said that, let me take you to the functionalities and features of the app which made me attracted to it. You have various categories and the most fascinating one among these is trending videos.

Trending videos keep us engaged as we are always interested in knowing what’s latest. Similarly it is breaking news that captures our attention all the time. It keeps us up-to-date with events happening across the world. Who doesn’t want to know what’s happening in various fields?

photo 5

The next immediate choice for me is television soaps. We all love to watch these irrespective of our age. Be it 8 or 80, there is something for everyone. My neighbourhood ladies love to follow these daily soaps and the shows often become a hot topic for them to discuss among themselves. You can see their displeasure when there is a power failure during prime time. Now how awesome it would be for them to see these programmes on their mobile phones anytime and anywhere? You can see them anytime you wish to and even while you are on the go. I have shared my nexGTV app experiences with my friends and colleagues and they too are super excited about it.


Songs never fail to refresh me. Earlier I could just listen to them on my way to office which took a good hour-and-a-half drive. But now, I can watch them too..

photo 4

The next important segment is movies. We always wait to watch our favourite movie whether in theatre or on TV. If I ask you how many times you have missed or skipped watching a movie because of various reasons like time constraint, accessibility to theatre etc., I am sure there would be a sizeable chunk who falls in this category. With this awesome app on your mobile you need not have to miss watching your favorite movies.

photo 3

I have explored the various functions of awesome nexGTv app to the best of my knowledge. Have you started exploring it??



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