Freedom To Wear

I am really glad to write this post for #WearToExpress for which is known for its impeccable styling and fashionable products available throughout the year.

This is one stop shop if you are looking for a particular brand and also n a particular price range. I have been purchasing a lot ever since I came across this site. Freedom starts from your dressing. I firmly and certainly believe in it. We are known for Versatility and Diversity and the very essence of it is being reflected in our dressing. Each and every State in India has its own dressing style – from Lungi to Shorts, Sherwani to Suit, Pyjama, Sarees, Half Saress, Churidhar – you name it, you have it. For me, FREEDOM begins at home.

For me, Freedom is about wearing what you love the most. For me, it is wearing a Tee and Shorts at home as it gives complete satisfaction of feeling light since I am from the part of the country which is known for its hot climate.


This is a Tee, I bought from Jabong. Wearing a tee will make me feel free. It gives me flexibility in my movements. Shorts, of course is a great relief. I need not have to take struggle even in washing and drying it. I can run, jog and do what ever I want with that.

Having said the above, I don’t have any reservations against other garments because according to me, each and every garment attached to a specific state has its own advantages which is why thy are there in the first place. Feel free to visit and you can select from great range of products which would make you feel light – both with dressing and with your wallet. JAI HIND!!



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