When I entered a wrong restaurant

Lot of good thing had happened to me. Some times I had even encountered bad things. Good things we tend to forget but bad things, we may not though after a period of time, it might sound funny.

When I was in my teenage, I decided to go to a popular hotel. You know how things are these days – where you have limited resource and you try to make the maximum of it. When I took a bus, half way through, I spotted a hotel with the same name and I got down there thinking it was the hotel I was suppose to go.

I never knew it was a hotel in the same name which has been set up to deceive innocent people like me. I entered the hotel and ordered some food which came after a while. I was not pretty impressed with the taste and wondered how did this restaurant became so popular? I finished my food and paid the bill and came back home. My parents were taken aback by surprise seeing me reach much earlier than they had expected and also gave them back the change. My mother inquired whether I had food properly. I was surprised to hear that and thought what made her to ask that question. Within few minutes when I was narrating my experience, my dad understood as to what went wrong and he told me as to how I was cheated… Man, that was one horrible experience I had ever had.

Then there was another funny incident. This time, I had gone to a restaurant along with my friends. A girl who was looking at one of my friend sat next to him. When the server came to take the order, we were stunned by hi immediate presence of mind in seeing a guy and a girl sitting in the same table. He said “We have nice ice-creams. The special Ice-cream what we have is named Honey-Moon ice cream”. Do I need to say as to what that girl would have ordered then?

There was another time that I went to a restaurant thinking that it served Veg and Non-Veg separately but was shocked to see meat on my biriyani rice. I did not take it otherwise because I am a non-vegetarian but gave nice feedback to the restaurant and came back.

Thankfully, these days I am neither deceived by duplicate restaurants or or that case just anything because I had downloaded Tiny Owl app which helps me to  great extent in selecting the restaurant and simplifies my work. I won’t talk much here because I believe in the policy of “use it,feel it, believe it”

You can download this awesome app on the store for your phone via these links t get saved from embrrassment – Android and iOS


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