eKavach to protect your kids

The advent of internet has its advantages and disadvantages. More than advantages, there are more disadvantages and these are so attractive that t captures the interest of elders. When we ourselves fall prey to it, what happens when it comes to kids? The effects are unimaginable and in some cases are irreversible too. It is better safe to be sorry which is the actual solution. For those who are parents, they cannot always be monitoring their kids since they are employed – be it Mother or Father leaving very less time for them to spend with their kids.

A care taker or a nanny appointed to take care of the kids can look after them only up to a certain extent and they can’t keep a bird’s eye watch on your kids. This is a serious situation and it has to be avoided. This can be done by various ways – by not giving independence to your kids with no internet and cable connection at home, no mobile phone usage etc but i the present context, it would look like we are living in the stone age and the effects are pretty bad as you kid would start t think that you are not their parents but something else.

This can be avoided with an awesome application which can help you in effectively monitor your kids. This is called eKavach and as the name implies, it acts as a protective shield for your kids and you can monitor their activities much effectively It is available in Android and Windows Store.


  • Real time alerts
  • Real time notifications to your phone the moment any boundaries set by you have been breached by your child
  • Safe search options to filter out adult content.

They have some amazing features also coming up:

  • Social Media Monitoring – which can effectively monitor the usage of FB/Twitter etc
  • SMS and Call Monitoring – Will make you keep a note on where the SMS are being sent
  • Cyber bullying Protection – to protect your kids from the cyber criminals
  • IM & Chat Room Monitoring – pretty essential s this is where lot of bad things starts – at least when the users are kids who are innocent and can easily be deceived.

Head straight to http://www.yourekavach.com/ for knowing the pricing plans. Install the app and live stress-free, secure your children’s future and positive growth.


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