Wonders with Airtel4G

Internet – The Technology that has changed the world. The Technology that has shrunk the world.

When you talk about the Internet, there are many things I could recollect. I remember using dial-up connection where a phone line is required and it takes ages to even connect to the server. Do I need to say about the speed? Then came Internet on landline and then on 3G Dongle and finally it is Wi-Fi.

Having experienced speeds from 2G, I could say Internet has come a long way. I had wasted my precious hour in downloading those days as the speed was really less. Then came 3G and I upgraded to it and was happy as I could download lot of files and other things in a much quicker time.

As the time progresses, we also wanted to keep moving up further isn’t it? The same happened with me. At one point in time, I did not feel like getting the fullest satisfaction on the speed of the internet as downloading few bigger files like a movie took ages and when I upgraded my OS for my laptop, it was almost a night mare as it took almost the whole night for the download to be done and installed on my laptop. It was then I was wondering how better it would be, if the speed of my internet got increased.

Just then, I stumbled upon this awesome initiative from Airtel on twitter where by just tweeting with #GetAirtel4G , one could get the ultra speed 4G enabled sim at home. I did that promptly and the sim was delivered to me even before I could grasp as to what is happening around me.

Things were different ever since it arrived. It started saving me lot of time as I could download almost anything within the blink of an eye. During the weekend, I need not have to spend time for downloading my favorite movies from the internet. The Airtel4G is in fact a Smart Sim and when I say this, the single sim can act as a Micro and Nano sim as well which means you need not have to go back to the shop to either cut it or get the replacement as and when you upgrade your phone.

What was even more appealing was the fact that the plans in this amazing speeds comes at the same price of a 3G connection which means, I am now getting more time at the same cost. Things have changed to a greater extent because now I have more time to spend which I use it fruitfully doing other activities. Thank You Airtel for bringing this awesome speed 4G-LTE connection to us. You saved us a lot of time which means, I feel that my lifespan has just been extended…..

For more information on this awesomeness, do visit http://www.airtel.in/4g/.


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