Magic with TATA SKY+ Transfer

We do watch lot of things on our mobile phone and most of them were related to entertainment. At times we also use to think what if we could record it in a device and watch it rather than having to spend it on mobile data as it has to stream each and every time we went back to watch it.

This is so true when you are in a hurry most of the time during the morning and be back home only by evening or night. We tend to miss lot of entertainment during this mean course and I was no exception. I use to watch programs via my mobile with various mobile apps like Fame, Hot Star, You Tube etc to name a few and while You Tube may not necessarily be showing Live Stream, the other two does and I use to curse myself for missing some important events like Soccer World Cup and even Cricket events like IPL,Champions League and Word Cup if it happens in a different country as most probably they would be telecast in the midnight or n the early morning as I will be well asleep. There is nothing like missing the match especially when India is playing against Pakistan or in the Finals…

The same goes with my better half too as she would be missing her favorite television serials due to her work schedule and would always tell me about her grievance.

There are options available where you can record the program on your set top box but you still need to watch them on your television and when you do not have much of time being at home due to work and travel commitments, there is no way that you could watch them as and when required. Till few days back, there was no option what so ever to get the contents transferred from your Set Top Box(STB) to your gadgets like Mobile Phone or Tablets. I tried to use various combinations and technology but still those did not give me a satisfactory result.

I would either need to take a permission or off from work to watch few programs which did not make me look like a true professional. At the same time, the pain of missing something important was immense and cannot be described in terms of words.

Just then I heard about TATA Sky coming up with their new product called TATA SKY+ Transfer and I could not believe myself as to what they cold offer. Yes. It seems like they heard my voice and that of others. They had brought in the technology where one could record videos on their Set Top Box and get it transferred to their smart phone and tablets with ease.

What  relief isn’t it? As it takes at least 2-3 hours for me o travel to and fro from my office, I can now spend that time on entertainment through/via my mobile and I do not have to spend a bomb doing that. I also need not have to wait for the video to be buffered where there are all chances of signals being lost leaving you in great desperation.

(Y)Our Voice is heard…. Go for it and break away from all the disadvantages that had surrounded us all these days…..

Take a look at this stunning TVC to get to know what I am talking about:

For this amazing option that is available to us, do visit ->

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