Baking Madras Contest – First of its kind….

We all love to eat and few of them love to cook. We had seen many contests where we had witnessed participants of different age groups took part and prepared food from various cuisine. Murugappa Group – one of the prominent Business Houses in Tamilnadu decided to host a contest and they have been known or their association with Chennai Open, Chennaiyil Tiruvaiyaaru,Madras Murugappa Song to name a few. This time, they had announced a contest called “Baking Madras” contest and as the name implies, this was all abut Baking.

The contest was conducted in 3 stages. The first stage being Prelims and the second stage was Intermediate and the third stage was Finals. This contest was conducted in association with Old Madras Baking Company(OMBC) and saw participants from across India take part in it. Out of several hundred participation, only a few got selected to the second round. This round had some real good cooks like Geeta Sridhar who had come all the way from Mumbai, Babitha Costa who has her own cooking blog to name a few. They showed their skills and out of them, 7 got selected for the Third and the Final Round which included Preethi,Janani,Babitha,Sirisha,Fareed and Vishal.

The Finals was held in The Rain Tree Hotel, Anna Salai who were also one of the partners/associate of this event. The event took place on 11/09/15 and it started at 9AM. We all gathered there in the hall.


 A giant screen was set up for us to view what is going inside the kitchen since participants went inside to start their preparations. They were given Mystery Pack and when it was revealed, it had Raggi Powder, Jaggery etc and the contestants who uses a the mystery box contents would get brownie points.


We saw contestants trying hard to bring out their best.

Fareeda Preparing

They also had other items like Butter,Cheese,Fresh Cream, Chicken etc and were given all the equipment to prepare their dishes.


The participants were helped my Chefs too – when ever they needed them.


The dishes when shown in the screen, looked yummy. I am sure you would not deny it.


While we were witnessing the event, during the last leg, we were also served some awesome snacks. Take a look at them below:

ChocoCake-For Viewers

Choco Cakes – which were really yummy!!

Puffs-For Viewers

Awesome Mini stuffed Puffs were also served along with Spring Rolls.

Rools-For Viewers

To top it up, we were served with Tea/Coffee. By the time, we finished the snacks, the guests had arrived.It was an impressive line up because we saw the best in the industry.

Team Social Beat was the Social Media Partner for this event and the team had arrived well before the start.

MasterChef Patel

Master Chef Patel from The Rain Tree Hotels was present along with Restaurateur Sandesh Reddy.


VP of Murugappa

Dignitaries from Murugappa Group were also present to grace the ocassion. Finally, it was time for the diplay of items being prepared. The name of the dishes says it all…

Madras Basket





The items were judged based on the presentations, cleanliness in the work station, no.of mystery items being used and innovation showed in preparation of the recipes.

The winning dish prepared by Fareeda Bharmal is shown below:


Fareeda FirstPrize

Fareeda was awarded Rs.30,000 worth Amazon GVs along with few other gifts given by the sponsors and the second prize was worth Rs.20,000 Worth eGVs.


Among the 7 Finalists, there was just 1 Male Contestant – Mr Vishal who was from Bharat Matrimony Group. It was an happy ending for all as the winners posed in the stage with the judges which included Mrs Vijayalakshmi – Head,Corporate Communications of Murugappa Group.


The event was a GRAND SUCESS and we left the venue looking forward to return in the next year with the same passion and spirit to take it to greater heights….


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