Never mix Personal and Professional Life

There are lot of things that happens in our life. Some happens by accident and some happens because we allowed it to happen.

I am going to share one such incident that had happened. Yes. This incident happened because I had allowed it to… Looking back at it now, I feel like laughing but when it had happened, it took a great toll in my performance.

Let us see what had happened….

I was working in a BPO and I was close to my team members. There was one lady who became really close to me and I started treating her as my elder sister. Since I was well behaved and a good performer, my team lead did not bother spending time in between work with her and she had slowly started discussing about her family problems with me.

Her husband was also working in my process but in a different team and they both got married after falling in love with each other. Since she could not give birth to a baby, his attitude towards her had changed completely after few years of marriage and she started feeling bad about it.

 I tried to patch her up with her husband but when that did not happen, she felt even more worse. She started crying on the floor every now and then and I was really young by then to even realize that I should not mix up Professional and Personal Life. However I got absorbed into her personal problem and it started showing effect on my work as well. From being a Top Performer, I came down drastically and I was then put on watch by my team lead.

It is by then, another friend of mine who was a consistent performer saw my plight. He came to me and gave an advice gently that I should not mix up Personal and Professional life. Now I realized what went wrong. There after I did not took that personally and my performance slowly started improving and within few weeks, I was back to the Top, where I belonged to earlier… My heart felt thanks to my friend who gave me that #SachchiAdvice

I am participating in the #SachchiAdvice Contest by MaxLife in Association with BlogAdda


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