Healthy Heart for Healthy Living

Healthy Heart always ensures that you lived a Healthy Life. It is this heart which performs the function of pumping in the blood, day in and day out restlessly.

So, it is our duty to ensure that we have taken care of it, at all times. Most of the time we are ignorant about the well being of our heart and only when we face some thing not usual or unpleasant, we understand the importance of it.

According to me, the slogan “Prevention is better than cure” needs to be given first priority. Let us not wait for some thing to happen firstly and then seek a remedy. Instead, we take such actions, well in advance, t keep ourselves hale and healthy. It isn’t difficult if you know the basics.

It all starts with food. By avoiding deep fried items and excess oily items, we can avoid the risk of heart attack considerably. India is leading according to the recent statistics in terms of Heart Attack in the World which is really disturbing and worrying factor. This can be reduced/ controlled to be a considerable extent if due care is taken.

Let us give preference to good food and not to taste, all the time because it is where the actual problem begins. By using the healthy oil which is rich in fatty acids like MUFA and PUFA, you can reduce the risk greatly.

There is an awesome website which gives you the idea as to where you stand by just keying in your details. This website gives you accurate information on your current health status and the best thing is, it is applicable for both Men and Women. So you can check or your Mother, Dad,Wife,Sister,Brother etc.,

When I took my test, I was totally surprised to see the end results. I never expected that I would be given such a clean chit. Take a look at it and you’ll understand


It also gives you steps that needs to be taken to come out of the unpleasant situation, if you manage to find yourself in it. This includes

  1. Walk Plan – which would give you a time table that you need to follow to ensure that you have covered the distance prescribed on the planner and
  2. Diet Plan – which would let you know as to which food you need to consume for your meal and the quantity/

Does this not look awesome? Do not waste your time any further. Take this test and live a healthy life, forever. I have shared it with my Parents,Spouse and Sibling. Have you?

I am joining the Saffolalife #ProtectHerHeart initiative and pledging my support to better heart health in Association with BlogAdda


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