I care for my better half

Over Weight is surely an issue these days and with the growing need of urgency to complete the work in fast phase adds fuel to it.

Though we are much informed these days about the need of having a balanced diet and most of us do look into the nutritional information of the food items we buy, still there are lot of times we miss out on important aspects.

The result is OVERWEIGHT.

While this may not show up immediately it is not something which we should take it lightly as it would surely show up in the future. I was not a diet conscious person to be very frank since I never had this so called “Over Weight” issue but after I got married, I became bit conscious which was imbibed in me by my wife who has always take a better care of me.

As a responsible and caring husband, my duty is to reciprocate. While I knew that she is bit heavy for her age and height, what I did not knew was where to find the details in specific until I stumbled upon this excellent site. I immediately keyed in my better half’s details and this is what  I got.


I was little bit shocked and disappointed to see that my wife is bit heavy but at the same time, I got a breather in the form of Walk and Diet Plan.

First, I had a look at the Walk Plan that was given to me to make my wife perform.

Walk Plan

So, to start with, I would make her start with the daily walk plan. It wouldn’t take much of her time and more over this is going to be for just less than 3 months as it is for 13 weeks in total but nevertheless I would make her to continue to ensure that she stays in the best shape.

Then I had a look at DIET PLAN.

It gave in detail as to what food needs to be taken in grams for all three course – Morning, Lunch and Night.

Let us look at the Morning Plan that was suggested to me.

DietPlan Morning

This is pretty simple and easy to follow.

Then I scrolled further to take a look at Lunch Diet.

This was also pretty straight forward. Not heavy for stomach but at the same time, it ensures that my better half gets the much needed nutrients.

DietPlan Lunch

Finally, it ends up with Dinner Plan.

DietPlan Dinner

I am much relieved as a Husband. I would surely suggest this to all the hubbies out there because it is time we showed our affection to our better half.

I am joining the Saffolalife #ProtectHerHeart initiative and pledging my support to better heart health in Association with BlogAdda


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