Stand-Up Comedy

Stand-Up Comedy

Comedy is an Art and stand-up comedy is its exclusive segment. Those who have mastered it find it easy and connect with their audience without any difficulty. Such comedians get great reception. Though you can mix a bit of sarcasm for fun sake, care should be taken that it does not offend any. There are only a few number of stand-up comedians in India and finding them isn’t easy.

Comedy Hunt on Liveinstyle is here to help find such talent.

The site asks you to enter your date of birth in the very beginning to ensure that you are above 25 years of age.Once you key in your details and pressed enter, what you see is a treasure trove. YES. This site features the best stand-up comedians from India including the likes of Kanan Gill, Vir Das, Aditi Mittal, Tanmay Bhat, Praveen Kumar to name a few.

When you click at the pics of these stand-up comedians, it re-directs you to the respective genre. You could also see some of their stand-up comedy videos on their profile. If your day is gloomy, you know where to head to…


Another important aspect, I liked the most about this site is the inclusion of various useful articles which would help the budding stand-up comedians to hone their skills. I got to read about World’s 10 best stand-up comedians which was really informative. There are lot of other topics like:

  1. How to tell a story like a stand-up comedian?
  2. 5 questions stand up comics are asked every day
  3. Life through the eyes of stand-up comic
  4. The evolution of Indian Comedy
  5. 5 fears a stand-up comedian conquers before facing the audience

Well, the list is long.  The website promotes the talent in a constructive and organised way. You can go through it leisurely during your holidays and I am sure you would not regret it, at least if you are trying to become one.

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