Monetize more with Instagram

Social Media is an effective platform. We all had seen the evolution of Facebook as to how from a humble beginning in a dormitory it had become a Social Media behemoth, few years later. A recent statistics says there are more than 1 billion users of Facebook which shows the level of penetration these social media channels has among us.

We all are connected online through various Social Media Channels – be it Facebook, Twitter, G+, Instagram, Pinterest to name a few. Do you know that you can even earn via these channels by effectively monetizing it via BlogMint?

Most of us are not aware about the power of our accounts and we just sign in to our account to have a quick look on Status Updates, a quick chat with our friends, Like and Share with Comment on few places. Well, the list is endless. I was just like others where I did not knew much about the potetial of my account and use to spend my precious time online for hours without knowing the fact that I could earn it until I found it on BlogMint.

Initially, I had integrated my Facebook and Twitter accounts with the Blogmint and I was really happy because I started making some money. I was still looking out for more avenues to earn when I noticed that Instagram was also introduced as an integration with Blogmint. Now, as a hardcore camera buff, I had clicked a lot and uploaded lot of my pics on my Instagram account. When I am getting an opportunity to earn it for my uploads, why will I have to think twice?

I logged on to my Blogmint account immediately. I went to the Profile Section and like my previous ones, I clicked Instagram logo and integrated with my Blogmint profile by signing on to it. It is as simple as that….

What next?

I am looking forward to get assignments based on my Instagram profile and start making money even from there.

By the way, how will I not mention about the support staff? The staffs of Blogmint are very friendly and approachable. When ever you have a query, you can always approach them and get the resolution in a quick turn around time. There is not even a single instance till date where I was let down which shows the effectiveness of the team working there. Kudos and a big round of applause to you guys!!!

Sounds Interesting isn’t it?

Join Blogmint which is India’s most happening platform and earn from all your social media channels in an easy and effective way 🙂


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