Grow Strong with RiteBite Protein Bar

Chocolates are loved by all. No one is an exception including elders but kids are always on the receiving end as their excessive obsession make them bear the brunt of the shouting from the elders. This isn’t the case any more. In fact after seeing this article as to what I would be sharing, I am sure, the kids would be showered with these bars for sure.


This is the product I am talking about. I got these bars after spotting it in a shop and was really surprised to see as to what it has on store for us.


As you can see, these awesome choco-bars are available in three flavors namely Choco Slim, Honey Lemon and Choco Fudge.

The main difference between the Choco-Slim and Choco-Fudge is the presence of Chocolate on it. Choco Fudge has more chocolate when compared to the latter.

Honey Lemon is an excellent fusion were you get to taste the sweetness of Honey and the Citrus taste of Lemon. All these bars are available in the same size. Now let us quickly look into the contents it has on it.

Well, the list is really long. What you see is really stunning. These bars are packed with all the essential Vitamins and other Nutrients.


The List says all – You get Vitamin A,E,C,D2,K,B1,B2,B3 and B5

That is not all. Take a look further.


You also get Vitamin B5,B12 and other essential minerals and nutrients like Biotin,Folic Acid,Calcium,Zinc,Chromium,Selenium,Phosphorous,Magnesium,Sodium,Potassium…Well, the list is really long is all I can say 🙂

To sum it up, you get all these in total


Now what more do we need?

Kids can now grow Stronger and Sharper. With all the essential vitamins, they can adopt a much stronger immune system in their body and since this choco-bar which we must call it as Nutrition Bar has got all in it, let us not think twice to go for it. Now you might wonder how it looks and its pricing. Do take a look:

This is how Choco-Slim looks 🙂


Yummy, isn’t it??

Choco Fudge looks the same except that in the borders, it is coated with more chocolate and hence I have not shared the pic here.

Now let us take a look at Honey Lemon bar:


Looks Yummy right?? It certainly is yummy and offers a unique taste.

We spend a lot on snacks for our kids and even for ourselves when we go out for a movie. It is high time we spend just Rs.100 for this bar and get all the goodness it has to offer.

Let us say YES to RiteBite Bar and Stay Stronger….What Say??


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