Its all about appreciating the Nature

We are living in a fast paced world where everything today is based on Speed and Technology. We have not seen our kids playing with other kids for ages. Have we forgotten the amazing days we had when we were kids ourselves? We use to play with our neighbors and we knew each and every kid in our street by their name.

Most of the kids are confined to their homes these days playing games with their gadgets and this will do no good but to deprive our exercise and other physical activities. If this is the case with the kids, it is the same with the elders as well. We hardy see people interacting with each other.

The get together these days are happening only in the clubs unlike those day where we use to see elders have a get together in the place which has been exclusively built outside the house.

Being together is a unique feeling. It brings unexplained joy and pleasure which can result in lot of goodness. The first and foremost thing is wellness. When you share your memories together with your near and dear, you always tend to derive the most of it. You tend to be healthy and when you have health, everything else follows without any trouble.

Nature can add a lot towards this wellness. Firstly, let us consider making a garden in our surrounding. It cannot be done by a single person for sure. On the other hand, when we get the help of our neighbors, the work will not only become easy but also a pleasure as the burden is distributed. You will get to know the idea from various minds which can be really helpful and useful.

The making of a garden is indeed a pleasure. You will get to plan as to where you need to plant a specific plant or a sapling. You will also get to divide the responsibilities as to who would take care of watering the plants, who would be taking care of using natural manure and who would take care of maintaining the whole stuff etc to name a few.

The final produce what you get – be it a Plant, Flower, Fruit or Vegetable will be from our own backyard which is organic and free from pesticides. The pleasure of holding them in our hands in awesome.

It is time, we said good bye to gadgets for a while and try to engage with nature which has got all the goodness to offer.It is only when we realize this, we would get to know the real beauty of it.

Take a look at this amazing video which tells the joy of being together in such a beautiful way….

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