Keeping your Baby – Soft

We all love babies. Babies bring a different aura to our life. They bring Charm and Smile without anticipation.

We celebrate their arrival through Baby Showers, Naming Ceremony to name a few. What ever the gender is, babies are the most sought after in every one’s life/family. They are innocent and their actions bring smile on our face.

At the same time, it is our duty to ensure that they are not inconvenienced. I am sure you would agree to it. Babies are Gift of God to us. In this blog, I am going to share some of my insights as to how to keep the baby soft and supple..


Babies Skin is the most important one which we need to focus our full attention. They are tender and supple. They can easily contract infection and hence it is our vital duty to give utmost care to it.


  1. To start with, the skin should not be allowed to dry which can lead to bruises and rashes. It has to be kept moisturized most of the time. You may apply baby cream for it and can also go for our traditional Ayurveda way by grinding dhall powder and apply a coat on their skin.What ever the application is, try to apply in a limited manner without inconveniencing the baby.
  2. Wash their face regularly with baby soap. Ensure that the water is Luke-warm. By using the same brand for the same baby till he/she grows up ensures that they are free from infection and allergies. If you see baby is developing allergy to any specific brand, kindly avoid it and go for the alternative. At the same time, consult the Child Specialist too because it may be for various reasons too that the baby has developed infection/allergy.
  3. Do NOT allow baby to be handled by many people at the same time. Though it may appear harsh, it is for the protection of the baby as we do not know whose hands aren’t clean and may act as carrier of deadly germs…
  4. Always wrap the baby is soft white cloth while taking him/her out with proper ventilation. This can avoid baby’s skin to be exposed to sunlight and can ensure softness to their skin.
  5. Last but not the least, use baby diapers which will remove their inconvenience and at the same time, keep their skin safe from rashes.

In this blog, I have talked about various way of keeping the baby’s skin soft and supple. There may be lot of other ways too. If there is any, you would like to add to this or share, please do so 🙂

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