How can Technology help us?

Technology is something which has always helped the mankind to achieve lot of things. Till a Century back, we have only admired the Moon as a celestial object and have used it to console the crying kids but what has happened now? We see lot of expeditions being taken to Moon from across various Countries and India is also one among the few nations ho have achieved this feat.

Technology plays a major role in almost all the sectors but its presence is very much felt in the field of Science. From discovering ” Atom” to “God’s Particle”, we have come a long way. I would love to discuss about something which is close to my heart. It is nothing but the Mobile Phone and see how it had evolved over the period of 15 years

When my dad got his first mobile phone back in early 1990’s, it was considered a luxury since for outgoing, a call was charged at Rs.32 and Incoming Rs.16. As and when the technology improved driven by mass users, the rates slowly came down to 16/8,8/4.4/2,2/1 and then 1/FREE for Outgoing and Incoming calls. Now we see the calls are calculated per second and we convey the message via calls rather than messaging which gives a personal touch to the ones we are closely connected with. This had seen the diminished usage of SMS(Short Messaging Service) which was at its peak when we were charged for both Incoming and Outgoing calls. We also have lot of other things which has added delight to our lives which we would see later.

Now, let us move on to another area called Connectivity. This plays a vital role when it comes to internet surfing. Internet has literally shrunk the World. We saw with the advent of Mobile Internet, the users became more informed than ever before. We saw the introduction of 2G which I myself was using till last year. Though it was fine, in this ever growing information super-way, it wasn’t enough. So when the 3G which was a much higher technology was introduced, I had embraced it. I could see the visible difference of finishing my work in less than 1/4th of time as to what it use to take when I used 2G Technology.

What did it do to me?

It saved time for me. Though I paid extra for a 3G Technology, it saved more than what I would spend and I could also spend some quality time with my family.

As I felt contend with 3G, I got to use 4G Technology as well and it had swept me immediately because it was so much faster than 3G Technology. What I use to do for downloading an OS Update via 3G for my Smartphones and Laptop/Desktop for hours can be done in few minutes now.This meant that I need not have to be awake all through the night. I could download anything and everything in few minutes.

Time Saved = Money Earned

There were days when I had spent money on upgrading my Software on my phone not until I got to use Android phones. These literally had made not only me but also others to save lot of money as it was based on Free Platform where any one could make use of this OS(Operating System). Though I was not comfortable initially using it as I got used t a competitor OS, once I had started using, I found that this is really useful and effective since  Google Play-store had got some of the most effective and amazing apps which were offered for FREE to the users.

Android has literally made people start developing Apps and when you analyze any product, they would have first released their App on Android Platform only since it is easy and economical. This has seen even Political Parties these days to have come up with Apps. People are not only informed but also are at their own liberty to make a Selective Choice” which was earlier just a “Compulsive/Forced Choice”.

Finally, let us see about phones. My very first mobile phone was that of a size of a brick.It was so heavy that it was really difficult to carry where ever I went. The only advantage with that is it won’t break even if it falls down 🙂

Nowadays we see Smartphones which are fully loaded and what is even more amazing is the presence of Octacore and Smartphones which sport 3GB RAM with amazing Camera – both Front/Rear with stunning ROM. In fact my very first desktop computer had a meager 256MB RAM with 20GB HDD. Now we get a Smartphone with in-built memory from 8GB-128GB. This shows how much we have advanced…

So what these does for us?

1.Time Saver

2. Money Saver.

3. Keep us Informed.

4. Helps us in making a good decision, if not better.

5. Offers Personal Touch.

Last but not the least, keep us empowered 🙂

Its time to become #Technocrats and embrace it!!!


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