Jabong this Diwali

Diwali is a festival which is close to my heart since my childhood. It s celebrated with much of a delight across the country. I would also say that it brings people come together and celebrate it together. Diwali was known for lot of things.

Firstly, it was about Light. We use to decorate our house during this festival with Diyas.

Then it was about awesome sweets. We make them and give it to our neighbors, family and friends.

We would also be having an array of movies and other programs being aired on television and do I need to say about the new movie releases as well?

Then it was about bursting Crackers though I would say that it has come down considerably when compared to the past and so as flying kites in Chennai which has been banned by the High Court due to Public Interest.

How will I forget playing with my friends as a kid during this festival..It is a real nostalgic feeling. Above all, it is all about dressing since the dresses for Diwali were always Special as back then, we use to wear it to School 🙂

What ever I use to wear prior to Diwali, when it comes to this festival I will not compromise as I use t get myself dressed in a  ‘#traditionmyway’. Here is a pic of mine along with my better half during Diwali, last year. Tradition can be mixed and you still can make it look appealing. Here, I am sporting a Tee with a traditional dhoti. This would go well even if you wear a Sport Watch or a Formal Watch.


With this you can sport a cut shoe or a sandal( not showed it as this pic was taken inside the house and we never wear footwear inside the house)

For more of this awesome collection, do visit -> ‘http://www.Jabong.com/’


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