What I felt on reading THE JUICE magazine by Jabong?

What’s so special about THE JUICE?

Initially I thought it was just like any other fashion magazine since this was published by Jabong and I overlooked at its contents in a hurry. After few days, I took some time to sit and go through the magazine in detail which is when I found out this has got more to offer.

What did I like about THE JUICE?

I liked almost every content. This magazine is packed with full of varied subjects like Comedy,Photography,Travel,Food,Music,Beauty,Lifestyle,Fashion,e-Shopping to name a few among array of topics.

The magazine is neat and precise. It is filled with advertisement only at appropriate places.

THE JUICE – November 2015

In this issue, I had liked couple of topics in particular among others. The first one is So Long, Coach by Ria Jaiswal which was featured under Travel and this was an excellent article. This is because, this article clearly featured in what ways one can upgrade their airline tickets effectively. These were simple tricks but to be honest, I was not aware of at least 3/4th of them. It got registered in my mind so strong that I would ensure to get an upgraded class when I fly next time and share the experience with the readers of THE JUICE, without fail.

The next topic I liked the most was The Big Fat Indian Wedding Guide which was featured under Lifestyle. This showed as to how one could ensure a wedding is planned according to their budget as it covered all the factors like Wedding Planners, Decor, Invites, Photography and Videography, Choreography, hair and make-up, trousseau, cakes and more, throw the best bachelorette etc and trust me, this would make a perfect wedding planner guide for you, if you are confused with where to start with a wedding in your family. Thankfully, I have crossed that phase and the next phase will come only after 20-25 years 😉

I would recommend this magazine without giving a second thought if you are looking our or versatility and if you are reading my article, do not forget to send me your feedback at <sarathias@hotmail.com> and I blog at http://www.aryansarath.net


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