My Favorite City -Leh/Ladakh

Well, there are lot of cities I have traveled wide and far in my 35 years. You got my age now but this isn’t important. What is important in this blog post is “which is my favorite city and why?” and this bog post would try to answer it in minute details.

My favorite city as you would have guessed it by now from the blog title is undoubtedly Leh/Ladakh. You may ask why?

There are few reasons attached to it.

First and the foremost reason is the mind blowing scenic beauty it offers. While I had not been to this place in the Winter but was there during the end of Autumn an beginning of Winter, I saw a mixed view this city had to offer. Yes – on one side, it is covered with Snow on the Peak and on the other hands, there was a mixed scenery of landscape which was blanketed with green, brown and pale pink colors making it a perfect place for any one to go for a long DRIVE!!

What makes this place even more amazing is the DESIGN of the roads. These are done with near to perfection as it is the house for military camps spread across various areas which is highly secured and disciplined. The way they follow the road safety rules were good. If at ll you need to overtake a vehicle, you’ll honk once and they would immediately make the right indicator glow which means, you are allowed to overtake that vehicle. Though it did not rain when I was there, I was told that the roads do not get choked with water-logging. There is another aspect to this. The roads are mostly steep which means there is hardly any chance for the water to stagnate at one place.

What makes this city even more amazing is the CONNECTIVITY because it is connected from Srinagar which is connected to the other end of the country through various National Highways. More over unlike other cities, Leh/Ladakh offers connectivity to various places which is called PASS which includes Khardung La, Zoji La to name  few. When you take these passes, you’ll end up in places which offers you some breath stopping views and I had a chance to see places like DRASS which is the second coldest inhabited place. I also had a chance to view highest landlocked lake in the world.

This city has lot of things to offer and I must say this is one place where I saw only traditional buildings unlike other cities which usually offers mixture of Traditional monuments and Latest buildings.

This city will make you feel happy and refreshed as you are perfectly placed in the hands of Mother Nature…..

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