Coconut Balls

We all love sweets. I am no exception as well and when I got to know that I can make some sweets and share the making of it to my fellow readers, my joy knew no bounds.

In this blog, I am going to teach you as to how to make Coconut Balls.

Firstly, a mandatory selfie of me with SugarFree Natura



Grated Coconut – 100 Grams

Milk – 200 ml

Ghee – 6 tbsp

SugarFree Natura – 20tbsp/10 gms (use the spoon provided with the pack)

Cashews & Raisins


Grind the coconut with milk. Do not add water.


Boil this grounded coconut nicely till the milk is almost getting evaporated. At this stage add SugarFree Natura sweetener and Ghee.

When the mixture becomes thick, switch off the stove. Make the round balls with raisins mixed with it.

Finally garnish it on the top with the cashews.


That’s it.. Tasty Coconut Balls sweet is ready!! Do make this easy and simple dish at home and do share your experience with me 🙂

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