Accessorize your mobile with ArtisStore

We all love to accessorize our mobile. Who doesn’t?

It differs from person to person based on the mobile model, budget and few other things. When I thought about going for some accessory for my Moto E, I stumbled upon this website and was taken back with the range of products they had.

My immediate need was a Bluetooth(BT) headset and I placed an order which arrived in no time.


There are few things which I found unique on this headset which I would share it in this blog.


The best thing about this BT headset is its light weight. It is yet so clear when it comes to delivering the voice. What adds more to this sheer beauty is the 1 year warranty you get it along with this headset. I would talk about its fit in a short while.


As you could see from the above pic, the package consists of a BT headset with a charging USB cable and 2 nos of ear hook and ear bud.

Now I would show as to how this BT headset differs from others when it comes to fitting your ears.


Initially I thought the product might have been broken as there was a bend near the ear bud but I realized that it was designed in such a way to give a perfect fit to your ears without having to struggle much.

The entire content looks like this:


Will I keep quiet? I started using it, instantly…


I must say this is a perfect fit for my ears and my mobile. Thank you ArtisStore once again for this awesome stuff.

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