The Bestseller She Wrote – Review

Ravi Subramanian is a banker turned author who has published many books to his credits including If God Was a Banker, The Incredible Banker, Bankster etc and “The Bestseller She Wrote” is his 8th book.

The author is really active on social media channels especially on Twitter where you can tweet to him and get the reply from the man himself. His proficiency in Banking has been very evident in his stories and in this latest one, he had tried a different genre which is a Romantic Suspense Thriller. This is of course a fiction but it made me read it in one shot as it was really intriguing.

The story revolves around few main characters which includes Aditya, Maya, Shreya, Sunaina, Sanjay, Maya, Diana, Melwin and Tim. It is about how a renowned banker cum author falls for worldly pleasure due to which his position and fame was at stake.

Things were going well for Aditya as he has a beautiful wife Maya and a little son Aryan until Shreya crosses his life. Initially Aditya was averse of Shreya but eventually starts liking her due to her beauty and brains.

Sanjay was his class mate from Aditya’s College days and so as Maya and Diana. Aditya hates Diana initially but later, it was she who comes to his rescue. Melwin’s role was limited but was crucial.

He starts uttering lies to his better half in order to keep himself busy with Shreya but on one fie day Maya finds this out but by then she was down with Ebola Virus – which I must say is one of the first being mentioned in a story written by Indian Authors and by then Aditya realises his mistake and even confesses to his wife while she was in her death bed but she refuses to accept it as it had jeopardised their 15 years of married life.

Aditya tried to make amends and by then Shreya to whom he got intimate by promising to groom her to become a renowned author takes a dirty turn. Yes, the evidences of his SMS, Pics were released to press and on top of that Aditya’s latest book was also under the threat of plagiarism for no fault of his.

The sequence of events were knit so beautifully and I must also admit that the romantic scenes which the author had portrayed was simply at its best. The language was simple and the flow was undeterred.

By using very less characters, one could easily keep a tab of what is happening with all of them from the beginning till the end.

What was really surprising was the climax where the real culprit is revealed which no one had ever thought about… I must say that I did not expect the real culprit who had executed the sequence of events with perfection.

Well, I am really forced to reveal the entire pot here but that would not add value to the book as it is only when you buy and read it, you would get the real feel of it.

Hats Off to the Author who has given another blockbuster with this which is also going to be made a Motion Picture soon. My best wishes to the author once again and wish him write many more stories in the coming years and keep us entertained throughout….


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