Star Wars Thematic Laptops from HP

We all love our gadgets especially our laptops and we also try to do our level best in order to make it look pretty and awesome by pasting thematic stickers on the outer shell.

When it comes to super movies, we would not hesitate to get the themes based on it for sure. STAR WARS is undoubtedly one such movie. It has captured our imagination for a decade. Directed by George Lucas, this movie is one of the highest grossing movies of all times and the characters which are in this movie like Anakin Skywalker, Luke Skywalker, Sith, Yoda etc has been the most liked characters amongst us.

No one ever thought of releasing  a gadget based on this amazing movie. I had always bought the stuff separately for my old laptops. This is when HP came into the picture by releasing the STAR Wars themed HP Laptops.

There are lot of things which is attached to this laptop that would bring out the fun side of me.

First and foremost is the outer skin and I would flaunt it to my friends and they would come to know automatically that I have Star Wars themed HP laptop.

Outer Skin

Secondly, it is the Touch Screen.

Touch Screen

This would help me in doing things at ease because not all the time, we would like to type on keyboard and especially when it comes to drawing, we would surely need to make use of the touch screen feature as it would bring in more perfection to the picture. I am sure you all would agree to it.

The Full HD Display will make the viewing a pleasant one giving that ultimate experience of watching some great movies and content and since this laptop also has some inbuilt Star Wars content which are rare, you will never be disappointed.

Adding to this is the brilliant audio by B&O Play which would make us feel the real sound that would be coupled with HD Display and what ever the content you watch, will make it look really splendid.

Next comes the Mouse. I am really amazed by the looks.

Thematic Mouse

So when you see the Darth Vader on your mouse, the feel cannot be explained. To me, I would feel like a hero as I am holding Darth Vader on my palm making him do things for me 🙂

The design of the mouse also corresponds with the design which the drones and the flying objects appears in the  movie. Its a perfect aerodynamics for a mouse…

hp-star-wars-7 (1)

The thematic keyboard is something that cannot be ignored. This would give that awesome feeling of being more creative and being heroic when ever you sit and work on your laptop.

Thematic Keyboard

What adds more beauty to the keyboard is the back-lit display and with the colour of Saber being used by Darth Vader, I feel like having more  power in my hands.

Backlit Key Board

This adds more beauty to the keyboard and is an inspiring one for any one to work with. It also assists to a greater extent especially during the darkness making me to perform my task with Zero Error.

The over all package is awesome giving you a unique feel beaming with sense of pride. With Intel Processor, I would perform the function of my tasks like the Darth Vader where I would complete my task in no time with greater accuracy, perfection and speed.



Its time to #AwakenYourForce

Get to know more about the awesome Star Wars collection from HP on

Image Credits: Indiblogger / HP

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