The Year 2015 for me….


The year has been a good one for me. There are some learning points as well which I would share with you all in this blog post.

Lets Start with the Learning Points as I always believe in not so good news to be shared in the beginning 😉

  1. I found out that human behaviour is mainly affected by Monetary Compensation. Since I am into Social Media, I found this behaviour which is actually not healthy and disturbing. I witnessed people promoting Brand X by degrading Brand Y but the fact here to be noted is that these people had already worked with Brand Y earlier. I found this is as not an acceptable one though notions may differ from person to person.
  2. I also found people can go to any extent in order to bag business. This is done through various means which includes quoting insane price to bag a business, If all believed in “Live and Let Live” policy, there won’t be any hatred and jealousy.
  3. I also found few being so greedy that they wanted to win always and do anything to bag their gifts which includes taking short cuts resorting to Bots for getting fake likes and RTs to win. The best part is that they would never allow others to win. My question is this ” Will you take all with you when you die?”
  4. Not all friend’ are actually friends and vice versa.

There are lot of good things happened to me in 2015 Let us see them:

  1. I met few good souls who had helped me in various ways in my career. I will never ever forget their help and kindness and do all my best to keep up their faith.
  2. I have also found few sister’s online and I am glad that they have also accepted me as their brother.
  3. When it comes to winning contests, I had won a few. Initially I was not so lucky I must say but the year 2015 saw me winning few big ones including an iPhone 6 in the very beginning with a Online Grocery Store and also a chance to drive a Sedan in Budh International Circuit. I had also won a trip to Leh-Ladakh for 8 days. I guess these are just more than awesome.
  4. I bought few gifts for my parents, spouse and my sibling and I am sure they are happy with what ever I had got them.
  5. My parents bought a new apartment and we are also constructing a new house.
  6. One of my story has been picked up by Mr.Ashwin Sanghi himself and getting it published.
  7. When ever I was in need of eGVs, my friends were always there helping me in giving the eGV for the work done by me for them which has enabled me to buy all that I wanted from time to time.
  8. I was awarded by TEDxMylapore
  9. Got few autographed books from my favourite authors.
  10. My pen collection has been enhanced so as my collection of watches, stamps, coins etc.
  11. The best of all is that I got connected to a pal of mine. Thanks to Social Media – Facebook did this for me. I missed his details ever since he left the school and this was some some 17 years back. I did search for him frantically but with no luck. Finally it is he ho found me and sent me a request. I won’t forget that day…
  12. WhatsApp had also helped me to reunite with my old school and college friends and we all are chatting happily day in and day out.

There are more the year 2015 had offered me and I take this opportunity to thank The Almighty for all HIS Blessings he had showered on me and some good souls who are always there for me including my family, friends, ex colleagues and others.

May I wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year 2016!!!

I’m sharing my #TalesOf2015 with BlogAdda.


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