An experience of a lifetime with OLA’s #KnockWithStan

Few get lucky at times and when it comes with an experience of a life time, it would be considered more than the luck itself.

I was one of the Lucky 4 who got such an experience.

As many of you know that I take part in contests apart from doing brand promotional activities on Social Media. During one such instance, I stumbled upon a contest announced by OLA. I would not say that I was lucky to check their handle/page because I am a regular user of OLA and I only use their services.What was lucky was the face that I saw their contest. The contest was nothing but asking to upload our experience of Tennis along with a selfie/pic and lucky winners would get to have a knock-off with Stan Wawrinka, World No.4 Singles Tennis Player and also the Defending Champion of Aircel Chennai Open.

Being a tennis buff as I have been watching tennis since my childhood(for more than 20 years)and have seen the games of many great players day in and day out, they very experience of playing with one of the top seeded players in the world had sent me goosebumps and I had immediately decided to give an attempt for this.

What is noteworthy here was, I was there in the event last year where I had witnessed him lifting the cup and even by them I had no idea about getting a chance to play with the man himself.

Stan Last Year Champ

So I decided to take part in the contest and had completely forgotten about it. It was last Saturday(2/1/16), I was on Starbucks meeting my old friends after 20 years, who I would consider my lucky charm in this instance, I got a message popped up on my FB page from OLA asking me to DM my Name,Address and Contact No. Now I knew that I had made it though it wasn’t confirmed by then, without waiting for a moment, I had immediately given my entry and was waiting for a response. As it was a weekend, I knew I can expect their reply latest by Monday and as expected, I did get a response on Monday congratulating me as one of the winners and was asked to be ready any day between Jan 4-6. I got myself fully prepared. Do I need to say that I had informed my friends across all social media platforms and got congratulated by them as they simply could not believe me being so lucky. On Monday evening(4/1/16), I was asked to be at the venue by 3 PM and I was there an hour before 😉

As I always travel by OLA, I took an OLA cab and reached the venue. I was given  a complimentary ticket too.


In an hour’s time, other winners had also arrived. Couple of them came from Delhi including Monica and Sunny and the other winner was from Chennai and he is Deepak.

We started talking till Stan Wawrinka arrived.


At around 4, we were taken to the Outer Court where the players practised. We were also given OLA Tee and was briefed about the event. OLA had also shot our interviews. I also took a selfie in the mean time,

Selfie in the stadium

By 4:45, Stan arrived and started practising.

Stan Busy in checking his messages

Around 5:15, we were called to the Court. It was a surreal experience to stand opposite Stan Wawrinka.

Just standing Opp to Stan On Court

After a brief greet with him, we all were given couple of chances to play with him and he played so gracefully. (P.S – The Group Pic and my Video footage on playing with Stan will be uploaded shortly on this blog post. So, please do come back and check it by this weekend – so do bookmark this page)

After the play session got over, it was a group pic. In the mean while Stan had kindly agreed for a Selfie too.

Selfie with Stan

Finally I was lucky to get his autograph also.

Stan Autograph

Here are the few videos I had manage to capture where Stan Wawrinka answered few questions. Take a look.

Stan answering few questions

Stan talking about Chennai

Stan Saying OLA

Here is my video playing with Stan. I will be posting my another video soon…

Hope you all had a good time reading my blog post and do leave your comments too 🙂

My heartfelt thanks to OLA yet again for this amazing experience. You guys are awesome… OLAAAAAAAA


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