Music in my life

I don’t have a good voice, is what I think but people who hear me on the phone thinks I have a good voice because I sound feminine over the phone. I do not regret about it because it is what I am.

Music is something that has been predominantly occupied a position in my life. I am not a musician either. However I had adopted a flair of composing music in local instruments right from my childhood.

I use to compose music during the pooja and festivals when my dad, uncle and others sing and it was appreciated by many. I did not hone the skills further but that inbuilt talent is something I cherish. My dad is a great singer but for some reason, even he did not develop it further for some reason or the other. If he did it in his earlier age, I am sure he would have become an accomplished singer by now.

What was more compelling was I even wrote lyrics for couple of songs on my own. Music had always had a great interest in my life. Music had always been a great companion to me and when ever my family went on a long drive, we had never failed to carry some of the greatest music composition of all time and use to listen it till the time we ended the journey.

Music had always been an inspiration – thanks to lot of inspirational songs in the movies and when ever I felt low, I had always listened to them which had given the instant boost and it saw me going forward. Music is certainly appealing. Music is eternal. I have a great collection of music titles and the entire collection is a genuine one.

As a kid I was attracted to Maestro Illayaraja and during my teenage, I started dancing for AR Rehman’s Music. Though the genre changes from time to time, the core theme remains the same. It is MUSIC.

This is something which will remain forever and will never fade away from our life. Music has the power to heal not only mental ailments but also physical ailments. When I feel down with fever, my dad use to play a peppy number and that would make me get up from the bed automatically.

When you have the right music system at home and when you now how to play with the mix, you can bring out some great music. I did that right from my childhood and had been enjoying the Music till date.

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