Negative Impact

Negative Impact

Few things will always happen in your life that may try to drag you towards negativity and it is how you come out of it or how you prepared yourself to face it, makes the difference. Life is a mix of goodness and bad things. The impact which is created by bad things have an ever lasting effect. It can be a learning point for some even if they are not the direct party to the event.

I can quote few of the negative impacts that I had faced in my life. When I was in school, I was coming back home. I saw a bundle of rupee notes fallen on the road side unattended. I picked it up and came back home but prominently told my mother that I had found some rupee notes on the road side. I did not realise the seriousness of impact which this would have created in the life of the person who has lost it.

My mother did not get angry with me because of my confession. On the other hand, she taught me patiently that it is all about being human and also explained the consequences. I immediately understood the error on my part and as advised by my mother, I went back to the same place to see whether any one came searching for the money. When I could not spot any one, I took the money to the nearest temple and deposited in the temple hundial.

Now there are few things to consider.

I was religious and believed that by depositing money in the Hundial, I am relieving myself from the so called “Sin” of having taken some one’s money(not willingly) and if this would have happened in the present scenario, what would have been my reaction?

Well, my reaction would have been like this:

I would have gone to the nearest bakery or Amma canteen(since an idly is being sold for Re.1 over there) and bought food stuff as much as I could. I would have then taken it to the nearest temple where you can see lot of rag pickers and beggars and give them the food.

Why am I doing this?

We need not have to give money to HIM because it is HE who gives us the money. Instead we can serve HIS people who are born with lesser privileges. Here I would not donate the food to those who look hale and healthy but to those who are old and have some physical ailments as they cannot earn on their own.

Do I need to say that the IMPACT here is POSITIVE???

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