Book Review : Second Spring – Sandhya Jane


ISBN: 978-0-9906-3740-0

Publisher : ANISAN Technologies Inc

Distributor(India)          : India Book House,Mumbai- 71

Distributor(Worldwide) : Ingram Spark and Amazon Inc

The story begins with a introduction of the lead character – Avantika who was heading  a leading bank, of its operations in India. She held a very lucrative profile which made her to travel all through the year both National and International. Despite her success in her career, she did not had a great personal life. She raised her son Aarav as a single mother as she could not get in terms with her ex-beau Sanjeev who had abandoned her. Being a single mother, she became very much protective about Aarav.

During this time Rohan joins her bank. Avantika happened to meet him earlier as her car has been intercepted by a 2 wheeler in which Rohan was riding the pillion. Both of them had a spark at the very first sight but had to carry on as it happened on a public place but when Rohan came to join her organisation, Avantika was stunned and happy.

Author had captured the expressions very nicely in the whole story as initially to be honest, I was feeling a bit bored but as and when the story progressed, I could not stop finish reading it in one stretch.

Avantika made sure that Rohan reported to her. She had a soft corner for him. Here Avantika’s personal assistant Wendy played a vital role because it was her who gave hint to Rohan as to where Avantika was living, on the later half of the story.

Avantika and Rohan had to go for many meetings together due to business requirement and during one of the travel, they both crosses their limits but on the very next day when Avantika was still asleep, Rohan had to abandon her as his marriage got fixed by her parents with Shreya.

There was no connection or touch between Avantika and Rohan. Avantika was devastated by Rohan’s action and goes to US and settles there in a lower profile. Rohan on the other hand faced turbulence in his life since Shreya, after becoming a mother for his Son had applied for divorce. She wanted to be with her ex-boy friend Adi and wanted to settle in Australia along with him.

Here I must say there are lot of twists and turns in this novel which would make any one to pick up interest on what would happen next.

Now Rohan wanted to mend his ways with Avantika and hence he traces her where abouts with the help of Wendy. In the mean time, Avantika was leading a peaceful life and she was attracted to Steve, a Cop. When Rohan makes contact with her, lot of things happen including him meeting with an accident, Avantika falling sick and so on and so forth.

At one point of time Aarav wanted Avantika to get back to Rohan. There was also another twist in the story at this juncture and what decision did Avantika take? Did she get back to Rohan or did she decide to live, alone forever?

It is a compelling read for sure. A well knitted story with perfection. I wish Sandhya Jane all the very best as I am sure she will go a long way in the literary career….

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  1. Beautifully penned.

    Do check out my page on Facebook : Poets’ Choice and see if any of the books interests you. My poets will be very grateful if you choose to review their books.

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