Love and Laughter

We all share #LoveAndLaughter in our life. We do not remember all but for sure, we would remember a few. Through this blog post I would be sharing a few incidents that made me and my better half laugh, together within ourselves without hurting the sentiment of others.

My father-in-law has the habit of worshipping Lord Ganesh and he has stuck a huge poster on the wall. He also has the habit of touching the poster to get the blessings on HIM. Once the poster had fallen down and I made a immediate remark saying that if he keeps touching he poster, how will it remain on the wall forever? It is not only me and my wife laughed but also him as he took the incident lightly.

Similarly my father-in-law also has the habit of cleaning his face and head for a while and I even casually commented on them saying that if he keeps doing like this,his skin layer will peel off and also one day he will be without hair on his head. We had a hearty laugh on that incident too…

Once we saw a dating couple showing so much of PDA(Public Display of Affection) and we both commented in unison “This will happen only before he marriage. After marriage, they both will be in two different poles”. This again was done as a casual remark only within ourselves though we have had a great marriage life of 6 years and continue going stronger.

Once my better half did something in her college and messaged his saying that she is very much alert but with that message, after saying “I am alert/vigil” she ended the message with a question mark. I cannot hold my laughter as I asked her whether she did that purposefully because the question mark in the end is a contradicting statement 🙂

Whenever I take a snap of my better half she always teases me saying that I do not capture her properly for which I use to comment that I can only take the picture of a person which is real and can’t do photo shop.

My better half confessed to me after marriage that I was referred to Hieun Tsang when my profile was sent to them initially(mine is a arranged marriage) and yeah, I did not get offended because even back in my schooling days, I was referred to a person who has come from China 😉

Enjoy the life as it is and take things lighter. The more you laugh, the more youg you look and live longer.

Take a look at this beautiful video which shows about how one should celebrate the happiness through the life

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