Gift I would pick for her on this V-Day

We all are fond of gifts. There will be a little exception to this. When ever there is an occurrence of any event which is special to our life like a Birthday, Wedding Anniversary etc., we would be expecting gifts from our partner/better half for sure and when we get those gifts, our happiness cannot be measured in terms of mathematical figure.

This is applicable during festive season and also on few other special occasion/day. One of the most prominent one that is being witnessed across the globe without any exception is a Valentine’s Day. We as a country export large number of Roses for this particular day which shows how much revered this day is, among us/all.

When I decided to shop for my better half this V-Day nothing struck my mind except one which is Jabong. I have been shopping for a while with them and they always had some unique collection when it comes to gifting. To add more to my happiness, I found that they had a special dedicated link for this V-Day to make my job and of millions of others like me, easier 🙂

The Link is ->

The collections are just out of the world and it would make you to dig deeper to make you get what you wanted because you really cannot leave anything as such. Hence I decided to spend a hour and a half to find the best for my better-half and this is what I found.

I decided to pick a beautiful Giordano Watch for my better half since this is already available at an attractive discount of 55% from its MRP. The link to this product is


Adding more to my happiness is the 10% discount one could get by using the code PLUS10 on Rs.999 and LOVE14 for 10% discount if the value of the product is more. So this is surely a steal.

Then I decided to pick up a hand bag for her. This is also available at a 10% Discount. The link t this product is


Just like watch, by using PLUS10 or LOVE14, I can get additional 10% discount on this awesome product.

No my attention has turned towards Jewels and I decided to pick a necklace for her. The link to my selection is:


The reason why I picked this necklace is it looked unique just like my better half and I thought this would add more elegance to her.

There are sunglasses and cosmetics too which I did not pick as I felt that it is not some thing I would want to venture into alone because I decided to buy those stuffs when my better half is around, to make things much easier and convenient but do not forget to check those offers as well 🙂


My V-Day shopping is done with ease – all from one place. Thanks to Jabong for making our(men’s) life easier with your stunning collection. We are not worried about any festival or occasion, any further 🙂


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