What adventure means to me?


What is an adventure?

An adventure differs from person to person. For some it is all about doing something which no one else dared to do. For some it is about something which is a real brave act and this might involve fighting a bull, scaring away a snake or saving some one from the floods or other natural calamities.

So the adventure differs from one place to another. It also differs from person to person. Even time plays a vital role in this because what was earlier an adventure that is flying before the air plane was invented by Wright Brothers isn’t an adventure any more.

If you ask me what is an adventure to me, I can surely say it is about going to Himalayan Region – especially Leh-Ladakh and I got an opportunity to live up that expectation last October. It was through a social media activity of the brand Fosters, I got selected as the Winner and I got to fly from Chennai to Leh-Ladakh and was there for good 8 days.

The crew were really awesome and encouraging and I managed to see some of the breathe stopping views in and around that natural wonder. Why I called this as an adventure is because I had not been to the far end of North India so far and I also read it in my lessons as a kid that Leh-Ladakh has the highest motorable road in the world. My only wish was to ride a 2-wheeler in that place to proclaim that even I had been there on a 2-wheeler. What I dreamt as a kid became a reality when I was 35 years younger.

Yes. It takes a lot of energy and guts to be there for the fact it is on highest altitude where unlike other places, if you have heart ailments, you cannot go there so easily as you will fall short of oxygen and secondly, not all will get a chance to go over there as it is no ordinary place and I am sure you all will agree to it.


The dream became a reality and I lived up the moment by going around all the other places around as I would call it is once in a life time opportunity. We had been to some of the treacherous passes in the World as well that includes Zoji-La and Khardung-La.

If you ask me, what according to me is adventure – the answer is this:

Trekking, Riding 2 Wheeler on highest motorable road, going on treacherous passes and living in the extreme cold and altitude where the temperature goes in Negative/Minus.

Take a loot at this awesome TVC

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