Apollo White Dental Spa – My Review

We all have a notion of few things when it comes to fixing our teeth. Firstly we think it is really expensive and secondly we are feared about the excruciating pain when it comes to tooth extraction or getting the root canal done.

I am no exception to it and I had some dental problem which I kept dragging it for more than 5 years. All of a sudden, I got enlightened and told myself “If I am not going to get it done by withstanding the pain, who else will do it for me?” and I decided to go to Apollo White Dental Spa. They have lot of units(instead of branches) all over the city.  I had opted for Nungambakkam Unit. This is located in Khader Nawaz Khan Road which is very close to Munchies.

Initially when I stepped in, I was received with a smile by the receptionist who enquired about my problem and referred to Dr.Shalini who is the Unit Head. Dr. Shalini had run a series of checks on my dental stuff and found out that I need to get few thngs done namely:

  1. Root Canal
  2. Crown Fixing for 1 tooth
  3. Cavity Removal
  4. Filling those cavities
  5. Tooth Extraction

Initially she had ensured that my mouth is thoroughly cleansed followed by Scaling. The Unit ha a 3-D X-Ray in which you need to stand in a fixed posture and a machine would rotate around your head – focussing on jaws and gets the X-Ray which would be fed into computer and  if this is really complicated, it is made available in any one of the suites, the unit houses.

When I talk about suites, they have 7 in total. One Suite is specifically dedicated for kids where as there is a Royal Suite which is charged bit more when compared to other Suites as it has sophisticated Chair and Equipments.

The Unit also houses a Bleach Room and I was told that the Dentists do not pro-actively recommend it as it may lead to sensitivity and only on case to case basis, even if the patient comes asking for it, will be decided and done. There is also a Crown Fixing Suite where the Crown gets  done immediately and fixed. This is for those who has to get things done on an emergency basis.

To start with, what did I like about Apollo White Dental Spa?

I liked the ambiance. It was so calm and refreshing. I was particularly attracted to this theme.


If you look at the kite picture closely, you can find it done in the shape of tooth and the same pattern is used on the doors and few other places as well. As you could see, you have the lift facility available which will take you to the first or second floor as per the need/requirement from the ground floor.

I was also attracted by these…



Those are some of the real good to know information regarding dentistry and if you are bored, you can always go around these amazing information. I really liked it since I always liked to get information on various subjects.

Why this place is called Spa? Is Spa not connected to beauty/leisure?

Well. When I had this question raised, I was informed that they have the Spa in order to ensure that the patients are not excited or worried about the dental procedures. If some one is really fearing, they make use of this in order to extricate the thoughts.


When I was offered, I declined it because I was neither worried nor excited as I had been going to dentist since my childhood and also had experienced wearing braces in order to set my teeth in order.

What was also more encouraging about this place is the space it has. The Unit is really spacious and unlike other places, you surly not have to stand here. Take a look at the picture below and you would agree to it.


I was also informed that each suite is properly fumigated at the end of each day to avoid infection. I was shown the sophisticated equipments the Unit has and put on to use. Now I am really convinced. Though my initial visit was in December 2015, I could not visit the clinic due to festival and other commitments and had been to the Unit in the first week of Feb. I was treated with Cavity removal and Root Canal.


These were the equipments that were used to treat me. For root canal, I opted for Laser Treatment. Trust me, there was no pain at all, whatsoever – before and after the treatment. I was told that they use a sophisticated pain killer injection which unlike that of those used in the earlier days which would make the whole mouth or at least one side of it numb, is now effectively used to make a particular part numb. I did not even feel the prick when it was injected in 4-5 places in my teeth. This is so awesome.

X-Ray for inner tooth

This is the in-mouth X-Ray machine which was used which would enable the dentist to find out the exact problem thereby providing a perfect solution to it.

Finally, I was asked to come a week later to get the crown fixing done and also the cavity filling. I opted for Ceramic Crown and Metal Filling as I felt that it is within my budget.

This is my crown.


I decided to take a selfie before the process began.


The entire procedure was done so effectively and nicely and it cost me around Rs.30,000 which I feel is really worthy for the kind of service I had received from the Apollo White Dental Spa and if you are reading this blog from outside India, I can surely bet that you would come rushing to this place since the same treatment would cost 5-10 times more in your place 🙂

I can’t thank enough to Sorav Jain of echoVME who has referred me to this wonderful clinic removing my long standing worry like a snowflake in few minutes ….


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