Life with BABA Products

BABA Products

Its the household name in India as they have been in business for more 1929 which means in another 13 years, they are completing 100 years of existence which is really amazing for any business.

We knew them initially through their product Rajigandha but off late, the brand has ventured in various categories. They were:

  1. Baba Elaichi
  2. Tatv Oil – Sesame, Olive and Almond Oil
  3. Twist Deos
  4. Nauratan Chatni
  5. Fru Jelly and Fru Pataka
  6. Rose Myst Gulab Jal
  7. Silver Leaves

On the above mentioned products, I had written review about Fru Jelly earlier. The link to the blog post is:

My very first review review on BABA Elaichi was posted on 8th July 2014. The link to the review is ->

However BABA had gone ahead and released a new pack – a dispenser for BABA Elaichi which looks attractive and handy.

Baba Elaichi Holder

Using it is also pretty simple. You just need to press it on the top like the one mentioned below in the pic.

Baba Elaichi Dispenser Use

That’s the most refreshing silver coated, saffron leaves mixed Baba Elaichi.

Baba Elaichi

Now, I would be talking about the other products.

Baba Nauratan Chatni:

This comes in a 50 Grams Plastic Container costing Rs.160 but I must say, I am thoroughly impressed. The reason being – after using it in the evening, the fragrance stayed in my mouth for the full night. I was really surprised. My suggestion here is this -> Do not use more than 1 gram as the quantity might look meagre but the power it has got is tremendous.


It comes in a sealed pack and it comprises of Invert Sugar, Silver Leaves, Saffron and Menthol. It is recommended that you add few more ingredients with the paan like tooty frooty, BABA Supari to make it work really well.


This is how it looks 🙂


As you see, I have applied more quantity for the sake of clicking a picture. Apply only 1/4th of this quantity in reality.


That’s me tasting the Paan 🙂

Take a look at the Nutritional Value. It gives real energy too!!


Now, I would be talking about TATV Oils. They are awesome. They are available in 3 variants namely Sesame, Olive and Almond Oils.

The variants are of same size and it is only the rate that differs with these oils. The pack looks like this from outside.


The benefits of each oil is mentioned on the reverse side of the pack.

The inner packs looks like this – each is a pack of 10 ml each.


I have used it to add one pack of oil for idli powder.


Olive and Sesame Oil is priced at Rs.90 per back and for Almond Oil, it is priced at Rs.240. They are pure to the core and continuous usage – both for intake and outer application will ensure that you lead a healthy life.

Next up is Twist Deo.

Twist Deos

As you can see, Twist Deo is available in 6 variants – White, Blue,Black,Yellow,Green and Red.

The best part of Twist Deo is this:


Unlike other deos, Twist Deo comes with seal inside which means, you do not have to worry about its usage prior to reaching your hands. The fragrance of Twist Deos are awesome. They leave a lasting effect which is pleasant and would compel you to keep using it, over and over again.

These Deos never leave any stains on your clothes as well.

Do have a read on my review on other products – Silver Leaves and Rose Myst here ->

BABA has always been known for their quality and commitment and as far as my knowledge goes, I have not heard or seen any negative comments about BABA Products. They also have a dedicated Consumer Complaint No to handle complaints which is a Toll Free No -> 1800-180-1929 or they can also be reached on

The other famous products of BABA includes Pass Pass which I am sure you all would have used it.

For more on product information, you can click here




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