Its time to share the load…

Who decides our load? In office, it is our senior subordinate but in our Life?

It is we who decide it. We take our load and we also decide as to who amongst our family takes their share of load. Often, we do a mistake. We end up allocating few things among us thinking that few things are meant to be done only by a specific gender.

This is very much evident when it comes to few activities like Cooking, Washing and Household Cleaning.

Yes. For generation, these work were handled by Women. But the time has changed. They use to do this those days because they weren’t allowed to go out for their work. Is it the same now?


Women also work outside and when they also dedicate 8-10 hours of their day everyday working in a office, is it fair to compel them to do all the work at house as well? The answer again is NO!!

Thankfully these days most of the husbands understand and considerate enough to know that their spouse work for the upliftment of their family and when they realise this, they automatically tend to share the work load at home, if not in the office – unless they both work in the same office and in the same department. Still there are many who do not care about the hard work being put in by their spouse and try to extract maximum yet again from their wife even at home.

My question is this?

Will you do the same thing with your Mother or Sister? In most of the cases, it would be a NO.

When this is the case, why do you want to do it only with your spouse. She is also a woman and needs some rest at home unless otherwise she is a complete home maker. By this statement, I am not saying that Women who stay at home need to do all the work because they still have lot of responsibilities on their head which may seem simple from outside but only when you approach closer, you could able to see the bigger and better picture.

Let us not stereotype it. There are lot of facilities available these days and when we make use of them, it would really bring in a difference at home. Remember – a Happy Home is a Healthy Home!!!


Take a look at this touching video. There is so much that is being conveyed via this.

I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation


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