Lets destroy inequality

There is a saying that “All start at home”

So what ever we do or see is the reflection of something that has influenced us when we were being a kid. Also another saying goes like this “All the kids are good and innocent when they were born and it is the way they brought up shape their future” and this statement is absolutely true.

The kids who are brought up in the hatred environment would surely be the one who would also emit so much of hatred against others when they attain the adulthood. Gender bias is one such thing. The kids who see this being done at home day in and day out by their parents or any other elders in their family are tend be the most affected ones. They may not show that in their behaviour instantly for the fear of being bullied by others but as and when they grow up, it would start showing up on their attitude.

The way a Senior Officer handles his Subordinate Officer – of different gender on the way they handle sensitive issues makes it to the headlines. How can this be avoided?

Well, it can be avoided in various ways.

  1. We should not take things for granted especially when the kids are around as we know the kids are really intelligent these days and can learn things much faster than others.
  2. We must educate them the importance of sharing household work among their sibling and parents also should not make anything evident that cooking is done only by the Mother and so as Washing as well.
  3. Kids should be taught that there is nothing that would segregate as to who would do what kind of work which has been on books for generations.
  4. Kids should be encouraged to give their valuable feedback and inputs on those which they feel is good for the entire household and when the elders and parents listen to their ideas and thoughts, it would be more encouraging to them and when they grow up, it would surely bring in a positive attitude in their behaviour.

Finally, by doing this there will be a positive outcome among all the family members and there will not be any bias as this will effectively wipe away all the misunderstandings for sure….

Take a look at this touching video. There is so much that is being conveyed via this.


I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation


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