Memories Re-Visited with HDFCLife

We don’t get a chance often to re-visit or re-kindle our memories and when we get the opportunity, the pleasure what we get from it is immense as those are few which cannot be purchased. Remember these may not be real expensive stuffs. Even smallest of these memories gives you such a pleasure which cannot be described in words.

I took this as an opportunity when I came to know that I can re-create my memories with HDFCLife and I immediately jumped into it.

Without slightest hesitation, I pounced upon the opportunity and I started to create memories that I had with my Mom. Though there are numerous memories, I thought of creating a few that was always close to my heart.

These are few which makes your family bonding real strong and give more weightage to the relationships. Family boning is the need of the hour since we are slowly moving from Joint Family to Nuclear ones.

What Memories did I have with my Mom? I am giving some which I could always remember.

  1. The first ever gift a kid gives to his/her mom is always special and I am no exception to it. I kept saving money all I could and one fine day, I went to a jewellery shop, bought a silver key chain and gifted it to my mom on her Birthday. She was really moved.
  2. My first overseas travel was with my mom. We travelled to Singapore and Malaysia for almost 2 weeks back in 2007.
  3. As a kid my Mom wanted me to imbibe all the good qualities and she has made me realise the importance of speaking the truth always irrespective of the consequences.
  4. My Mom also saw me taking a vow at the small age there by avoiding drinking and smoking till date.
  5. My Mom tught me the nuances of life, business, money and the importance of saving it.
  6. She encouraged me to keep our home clean and it invariably became an habit for me.
  7. She has always given me the best of love, affection and all the Worldly things.

Do I need to say when my Mom got the message delivered, she was immensely happy…

I am really thankful to HDFC Life for making me to re-create my memories and live with it as I also got a confirmation about the delivery of the message. I am sure my Mom would be one happy soul of receiving the memories from me…

Share your #MemoriesForLife like I’ve done at BlogAdda for HDFC Life


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