My Awesome Memories with my Better-Half

What is the best gift a wife can get from her husband? Some may answer Jewellery. Some would say Sarees. Some would say an Overseas Trip. It differs from person to person. The best option is to ask the women themselves because more than us, it is they who can give the accurate answer since they are in the receiving end.

If you ask my better half, all she would say is that I am her biggest gift and he would not need anything else. That shows her politeness and self contention but from time to time, I had always given her gifts that she had not even imagined in her wildest dreams. Though I am not mentioning all, I am saying a few here.

  1. Her first birthday since our marriage made me gift her a STAR that is named after her. Yes. There is a Star in the sky which is named after her.
  2. I had given few other gifts as well and I don’t think it would make any sense sharing all over here.
  3. Our first trip since our marriage was to Mysore and she was really glad because it was a real memorable 4 days trip as we enjoyed it to the core.
  4. We both were from different places and so as our work place when we got married. I use to give her pleasant surprise by travelling to her native every weekend.
  5. What ever she has wished, I had always ensured that she got it.
  6. I could still recollect that proud moment of visiting her to her college to see her being decorated with Post Graduate Degree. What more an husband could ask?
  7. Though I am not very good in remembering things, I was surprised when my better half told me that she made a note of all my SMS from the day we got engaged till we got married. Remember, there was a time gap of almost 7 months in between.
  8. I could also still remember the first movie which we both went – GOA,though we are nearing double century now 🙂


I am really thankful to HDFC Life for making me to re-create my memories and live with it as I also got a confirmation about the delivery of the message. According to me this is one of the best gifts that could be given to a Wife by her husband and I am sure you would never have a second thought about it.

Share your #MemoriesForLife like I’ve done at BlogAdda for HDFC Life


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