All the way from Belgium

You heard that right.

We the Indians love cycling though we do not see a high end model in our country due to various reasons like non availability of dedicated lanes, models etc., On the other hand most of the European Nations have them and which is why you can see lot of top honchos including the Premier of UK cycling to his office casually.

We also would have seen the treacherous Tour De France event happening year on year and I am sure some of you might have wondered whether we could lay the hands on those amazing models. Your prayers were heard by The Murugappa Group through their TI Cycles had decided to launch some super speciality models in India and this time, they had forged a tie up with Ridley Cycles. For those who follow the cycling events must surely be knowing about this brand since this is one of the top most brands in the world of cycling.

I had been to this event on an invite from Social Beat. The event was held in Taj Connemara on 11/3/16 at Wallajah Hall.

The company is head quartered in Belgium and was founded in 1997 by Joechim Aerts. When asked why did he keep the name “Ridley”, he said that he never wanted to keep a name unlike his peers who always christened a name for the brand which sounded Italian and when he watched a movie directed by Ridley Scott, he thought “why not Ridley?” as it sounds International and the brand RIDLEY was born.

There were lot of information being shared in this meet:

  1. Joechim came to India in 2009 for the first time and after almost 7 years had zeroed in on TI Cycles to partner with. The company has got tie ups with 54 other companies.
  2. In order to give after sales service through retail network of TI Cycles, some of the engineers would be taken to Belgium where they will be trained.
  3. The cycles are made of light weight carbon material and known for its durability.
  4. The price for Indian Market would start from Rs.25,000 onwards and goes upto Rs.80,000 which will be Made For India and “Make in India” will happen in a while, said Mr Arun Alagappan – President of TI Cycles
  5. Ridley Cycles has allowed TI Cycles to use their brand name and they would also give design, product development support etc.,
  6. These cycles are pro bikes or performance bikes.
  7. Mr Ramkumar – MD of Tube Investments of India Ltd was present at the event as well.
  8. This segment has a healthy growth rate of 30% Y-O-Y
  9. These bicycles which were made in Belgium starts at Rs.63,000 and goes upto Rs.7.8 Lakhs which can also be imported from Belgium.
  10. There will be around 54 retailers who would be selling this high end bicycles.
  11. Europe is the biggest market for Ridley followed by Japan.
  12. Best part is – these bicycles in India would be sold only via Online – Internet.

There were few models which were showcased and you can find those pics below:





That’s the tricoloured cycle

Dignitaries with Tricolour Ridley

That’s the gear….



Tricolour Ridley

Tricolour Ridley1


Now – the dignitaries

Mr Arun Alagappan – President of TI Cycles

Mr Arun Alagappan

Mr Ramkumar – MD of Tube Investments of India Ltd

Mr L Sivakumar


That’s Joechim Aerts

Founder of Ridley cycle1


Joechim poses with his creation:

Founder of Ridley cycle

He lifts it in his fingers – shows how light the cycle is

LightWeight Ridley


That’s about it. Keep a watch. You would soon start seeing these awesome range on stores- Online. Get set go with Ridley Cycles.


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