My Holi


The name that brings cheers to our face as soon as we hear it. Even if you go and ask a id, he/she would instantly answer you that it is the “Festival of Colours”

As a kid, I use to wonder as to why people use to wear white dress and venture out on this particular day and I also use to think as to why some people never wanted to go out? I got to know the answer sooner, when I grew up 🙂

How did I celebrate?

Those days, getting colour powder seems to be a luxury since I never waned to force my parents to get it for me. I had a unique plan though. As I was studying in school, we use to have lot of colour chalk pieces in the classroom. Yes, I was talking bout 1980’s. I use to grab few of them, smash it until it is being powdered and start throwing on my friends.

In the very next year, we found another unique way. Yes, we made paper guns and once we did that, we filled those guns with these chalk piece powder and started spraying on the others. Now I realise that we did celebrate Holi in a more conventional and eco-friendly ways those days. We never wasted water or used artificial colours.

We came to 5th Standard and by now we were allowed to use Fountain Ink Pens. Do I need to say that during Holi, I used Blue and Black inks to spray on the others? Of course this was more effective as these inks once sprayed would not get washed away so easily and hence we took great care in spraying it only over dark coloured fabrics and not on white.

I still remember another incident even till date. We had a visitor by name Gautam from Austria and it was a Holi Day. I along with my neighbour played Holi in the school and came back home. When Gautam saw me, he was taken aback because he was expecting me to come back from school neatly but when I came home with full of colours, he was puzzled. He asked me what this is all about. I took time to explain him about the Holi Festival which he listened it with great care. He also clicked few pics of mine and took it home. I was really glad that  my country’s festival – HOLI had gone overseas too 🙂

Take a look at this intriguing video which is unique and makes you feel the real essence of the Festival:

I’m pledging to #KhulKeKheloHoli this year by sharing my Holi memories atBlogAdda in association with Parachute Advansed


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