When All New Suzuki Access 125 was unveiled

Suzuki is a household name in India and across the globe. This Japanese Auto giant has had collaboration with various companies across the globe. In India, as we know, they had collaboration with Maruti( No.1 Selling Cars in India)in 4 Wheeler and TVS in 2 wheeler segment. Having seen the peak, the company started venturing on it own in these segments and we have seen few models that had hit the Indian Market already.

Why Suzuki?

Suzuki is from Japan and any Japanese Products or Technology is revered and held in high esteem for its durability and reliability. Suzuki is almost 100 years old now and when I was invited for the launch to witness the All New Access 125, my joy knew no bounds. The event was held in Clive and Dupleix Hall in Taj Connemara on 17/3/16. Please find the excerpts of this amazing #Unleavable event.

The event began with Coffee/Tea for the Media. We were also given tags 🙂


The stage was well set. The emcee took over the stage.


After a brief introduction, the VP of Suzuki Motorcycles India took the stage. He gave a short but informative speech and passed on the baton to the Product Head of India.

Suzuki Product and Desin Head-India

We got to know lot about Suzuki Access 125. One of them was the revolutionary SEP – Suzuki Eco Performance which enabled this vehicle to give upto 64kmpl under standard test ride conditions and this is huge!



The other interesting feature of this vehicle is the awesome headlamps which gives brighter illumination enabling better visibility in the night. The tail lamp was equally good.

SUZ Headlamps

SUZ Rearlamps

The vehicle also comes with 3-D Emblem which is so attractive.

SUZ 3D Emblem

Instead of standard 10 inch wheel, the All New Access 125 is equipped with 12 inch wheel for better grip and manoeuvrability.

SUZ 12inch Wheel

Another attractive feature in this 2 wheeler is the Digital Speedometer.

SUZ Digital

SUZ Digi

What is even more compelling is this feature which is listed below:



The One-Push Central Locking System is unique only to Access 125 making it tamper proof and prevents theft.

suz 3

Now it was question time and the Product Head answered most of the questions including Make in India for which he said this vehicle is manufactured upto 99% with the components obtained from India.


We also got to know that Suzuki Motorcycles has already sold 2 million bikes in India and when taking the ratio both North and South accounts for 50% with Tamilnadu in South is their major market. They have also set the target to sell 200,000 units in the first year and has got 10 dealerships in the city with second level dealerships are in the fray. With this all new Access 125, customers can choose upto 5 year warranty.

The engine of the vehicle is made of Aluminium and weighs 10 kilograms lesser than the previous ones. This has also enabled it to give 20% more mileage.

Some more impressive information is here for you:


It was time for the dignitaries to pose with the vehicle.

SUZ Dignitaries

The VP on Candy Sonoma Red


The All New Access 125 is available in 5 attractive colours namely: Pearl Suzuki Deep Blue, Candy Sonoma Red, Pearl Mirage White, Metallic Matt Fibroin Grey and Glass Sparkle Black. I managed to click few of them.

That’s Metallic Matt Fibroin Grey

SUZ Look

That’s Glass Sparkle Black

SUZ Look1

SUZ Colours

My take on this vehicle – Its a perfect one for city conditions. Priced at Rs.57,497/- this is surely worth the money as you are ensured with safety without compromising on performance 🙂


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