Make in India with Casenation

We all very much support “Make in India” campaign. Even the Government is driving it with full force as it creates lot of employment opportunities and most importantly, we get to use the products which were made of raw materials sourced from our Motherland. If you are patriotic, I am sure you would definitely be supporting this.

Why did I raise this?

You would understand when you read this blogpost further.

When I got the invite for the #CasenationMeet I new for sure that this is not going to be an usual one and when the meet did conclude,  I was not wrong 🙂

The event took place in Coffee Tales, Shenoy Nagar as as the name goes, I have a fairy tale to tell you all…

Few bloggers were hand-picked by Team echoVME and I was lucky to be one among them. The event was slated to begin at 6:30PM and as usual I was early to the venue.


Digital Influencer is an initiative by Team echoVME which is the collective platform of best influencers in Digital Media. I have known the Thinker-in-Chief of echoVME Mr.Sorav Jain for a while and what ever he does, he does it with a difference leaving his signature on it. His pro-activeness during the recent Chennai Floods was one of them.

Now coming back to the event – As we were early, we had the privilege to order our drink and food in the very beginning. I ordered Ferrero Rocher Milkshake and Choco Sandwich as I love Chocolates 🙂

Choco Sandwich

Ferrero Rocher Shake

An applause to CoffeeTales for the awesome delicacy. I was also told that they are very well known for their Maggi Noodles delicacies. The reason why I had to mention CoffeeTales is, it is one of the few outlets which houses CaseNation products. You could spot Casenation products in few other outlets across the city including Makoba Pen Store. When you spot it, do not forget to check their awesome range of gadget accessories and do feel free to share selfies from there 🙂

As the bloggers started gathering, we started taking few selfies 🙂

Selfie-Sidhu,Balaji and Muskaan

After a brief introduction about the meet by team echoVME – the event was upto a flying start.


It was time for Sorav Jain of echoVME and Amit – Founder, CaseNation who took over the centre stage.

Sorav and Amit

Why CaseNation?

CaseNation is a Indian Startup based in Chennai. It corresponds with Team echoVME’s motto of supporting at least 2-3 New Startups every quarter. The company unlike others do not import the products, put their label and sell it. They have invested heavily n their factory in Sriperumbudur where moulds,which form the basis of back-cases were manufactured. There are 4 different materials are used in making the cases

What makes CaseNation unique?

Their target is all those who have smartphones and gadgets. Even though a new start up, the company has sold over 2000 cases in the first 6 months which is no mean feat. The most unique thing about CaseNation is – each and every case which is shipped is personally checked and signed manually by the checker.


Unique Business Model:

CaseNation is looking to expand its reach in Tier 2 and 3 Cities with main focus on Tier 2 next to Metro. Even when it comes to Metro Cities, they would be focussing initially on Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore which is easier to approach before taking the big step in expanding their horizons to Mumbai, Delhi and finally going overseas.

They also have something unique which is coming up shortly where they would be sponsoring the education of few children on the sale proceeds of #CaseForCause where few cases would be specifically sold for this.

They are also looking to deploy the influencers in a revenue sharing model which is unique because in the past few years of me being in the Digital and Social Media, I have not heard or come across this unique preposition. The ISR which was discussed is also amazing and it is the Influencer Social Responsibility of promoting the brand in a genuine and organic way.


The company makes accessories like cases and back covers for smart phones, tablets, iPads, Macbook among others. They make products for popular products and for not so popular products, you can always place a request to them on-line. The company has in-house designer team who helps in personalisation of the back covers as well depending on your need/wish.


Unlike the competitors, the company will not bombard you with 100’s and 1000’s of design which will make you confused. They offer limited yet amazing designs. These designs are not repeated as well.

This grabbed my attention in particular – a wooden finish back cover for iPhone 6 with the personalisation – at the bottom – with the name engraved on it.


That’s another model without personalisation.


What captured most of the bloggers attention is the NFC Technology enabled Wireless Charger which is presently available for Samsung and other Smart Phones but we saw this particular model which is moderately priced at Rs.1,699/- is available even for iPhone and when Amit explained us as to how this can be used, we were surprised because it was real easy to use it and get our iPhones charged with ease.

NFC Charger

What makes these products even more appealing is CaseNation’s 2 years warranty and imagine getting 2 years on back cases is more than awesome as most of us would have changed or be ready to change our smart phone by then.

Most of the products are priced moderate and I am sure you all would get more than what your money could buy.

The highlight of the meet is Story-Telling. Bloggers were asked to pick their back cases and depending on the image on the reverse, were asked to spin a story and when one blogger completes his/her story, the trailing one should start from there. Couple of them were given prizes for bringing the best twist in the story. I was lucky and fortunate enough to be one of them 🙂


The website has 35 models for you to look leisurely and order.By the end f April 2016, this would go up to 180+

There are many products competitively priced which would never disappoint you. Take a look at the website here

I placed an order for my Wireless Charger and it was delivered the very next day.QUITE IMPRESSIVE!!!

CaseNation Box

Hand Signe

Wireless Charger

I hope you all had a wonderful time reading my blogpost. Share this with your family and friends too. Let us support a Indian Start-up and see it go high with flying colours.

Please note that this is NOT a sponsored post!!



  1. I love that wooden case. It’s high time the mobile industry thought about introducing bio-degradable materials like wood, and hence I applaud CaseNation’s initiative. It was indeed a nice meet today – short and fun.

    Destination Infinity

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