My Review –

I begin writing the review on the basis of iOS Version as I felt it would be more appropriate.

iOS 7.0 – As the version goes which is old now, what felt that is been repeated in this story is the sequence of events that takes place in the life of a person who eventually becomes a tennis pro player.

iOS 8.0 – The combination of other two characters namely Aman and Yug and how they try to encash the success of Jangsher by betting on him when he was a underdog in the Australian Open. They who fall in trouble for crashing the Mercedes of ‘Thuperman” Geraint tries to pay him off in order to release their Audi R8 which was held as a captive by him. Though they succeed in getting hands on the car after murdering him, eventually in order to cover it up, they now had to pay couple of hundred thousand Australian Dollars to Cathy to cover it up. For this, they find a way out of betting it on Jangsher and the also go to the extent of setting up a website and start selling his Merchandise.

iOS 9.0 – The way the story was written. The flow was neat. Initially I felt it a bit boring but as and when the story progressed, it became really interesting. Jangsher could beat the odds of Hierro, Toni in the Quarters, Henri in the Semis before finally facing Temujic in the Finals

iOS 9.3 – This I would say the way the story takes the turn. Jangsher loses his first love Reet as he was beaten up. He rose like a Phoenix. He then loses his Mother just before Semis and his lover Sally deserts him before Finals and while we might be thinking he would end up as an eventual winner, he loses the finals to World No.1 player Temujic but nevertheless Jangsher becomes a hero by himself.

iOS10.0 – Awaiting the next book from the author – Vishal Bhatia

This is a good attempt by the author and I wish him good luck as I was extremely satisfied with this story!!!


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