Merjella – My Review


This will be received well by people of all ages though I can say safely that kids would love it the most.

I have a feeling in my mind that this book will be made into a movie one day and I would love to be invited to the pre-screening. I could recollect my memories of watching movies like Abyss and Finding Nemo when I started reading it though this book is no where related to it.

This is a complete fantasy novel and I forced myself to finish reading it in a single day as it was really compelling for me to finish reading it. A Perfect Fantasy Novel is all I would say.

I wondered it would be real good if this book had pictorial representation as it would be more appealing to the readers especially kids and I found out that this one has one which is really encouraging.

I would have given 4.5 for this book but the reason why I gave 5 Star was to appreciate the attempt of the author in bringing out such a beautiful novel which was also his first one that got to be released after a long struggle and I really liked the way he combined his imagination of bringing two world’s – Land and Water and how the lead character Merjella could help the inhabitants in both the worlds.

The story begins with takeover of Zypher by Chiro – Leader of Malojels taking over the control by deceiving and killing Tarjo – A Jellopus( Jelly Octopus who can take any form and can save others from being dead by reversing the time except their own death or that of other Jellopus)

He hands over Jella in the able hands of Mimico who appoints Qwerty and Bingo to take care of Jella. Jella was like an ordinary octopus but at one stage when she was about to become a Jellopus, she swallows Marina and became known as Merjella.

In the meanwhile Mimico who went to Zypher to release his inmates who were captured by Chiro gets imprisoned. Aurelia is the only good Malojel who has soft corner on Jellopus and other inmates and Chiro once gained control of Zypher tries to show his dicatatorship and defeats all who challenges him with the help of Nomura.

Merjella joins hands with Ryan from the land who was developing fishing gear and other equipments and with the help of him, trains other fishes and finally avnges her father’s death by capturing Zypher though she could not save Mimico.

Meanwhile in the land a certain person who was referring himself as “The Boss” tries to take control of the entire World by making Animals and Birds fight against the humans and all were doubting a certain billionaire Russell Bond behind this. Merjella comes to rescue even over here and helps The International Council defeat the defence system of Eyecandy Island which was once not penetrable.

How she did it? Who was behind these all these chaos in real?

I do not want to spoil the suspense by revealing the plot which was knit so well till the end.

Do buy this book. Read it. You would surely be able to convince the kids at home for a week(if you narrate the story slowly) for sure 🙂


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